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A vapor (as opposed to water vapor) is a substance whose molecules are dispersed in a gas phase at a temperature lower than the vaporization (critical) temperature. The vapor state is pressure-dependent and increasing its pressure may result in condensation.
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What is a vapor tube on a 2000 Ford Focus?

I am assuming you mean the vapor lines in the Evaporative  Management system. Trapped in the top of the fuel tank, there are  fuel vapors, due to normal evaporation of the f

What is vaporization?

Vap·o·ri·za·tion   n.    The act or process of vaporizing, or the state of being converted  into vapor; the artificial formation of vapor; specifically, the 

What is vapor?

Vapor doesn't really have a meaning if you look it up on the  Internet it will show you all the other types of vapor there is .  Vapor is a substances in the gas form that c

What are vaporizers?

Vaproizer: a device that puts out a substance in the form of a vapor (especially for medicinal inhalation. Basically it make it so you can inhale medicine directly into your l

What does a vaporizer do?

Used to help increase the humidity level in the air during dry seasons. helps to relieve and prevent symptoms from the cold and flu.

What is the vaporization of a liquid?

It is when a liquid turns into a gas. Also like boiling or evaporation. Boiling is when it turns into a gas below and at the surface and evaporation is just at the surface.
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What is vapor as an adverb?

Vapor is a noun, and has no direct adverb form.   The adjective form vaporous has the adverb form "vaporously."
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What is a vapor degreaser used for?

A vapor degreaser uses vapor or steam to clean a surface so that more work can be done on a surface. A vapor degreaser is a relatively sophisticated machine and one requires