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A venture investment is an investment in a new company (or "venture") which usually bears a high risk of failure, but a correspondingly high return on succes.
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What is indirect investing?

Indirect investing means you do not buy directly the underlying, but you buy a derivative instead. For example, instead of buying Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon and som

What is an example of an investment?

buying shares in a company.

What is promotion of a venture?

promoting a new business

What is a joint venture?

Joint venture (JV) is a type of business agreement which the parties develop for a finite time. They share the expenses and revenue in agreed ratio. The parties to JV are call

What is desired investment?

Desired investment is a sum of money that a person is willing to  risk in order to make more money. Desired investment is also a sum  of money that a person might put away f

What is economic venture?

It is a money making project. It is like the Jamestown and Roanoke colonies. They were founded for a economic reason.

Why investment in bond is the best investment?

Investment in bonds when done wisely and with expertise brings in the best profit so its best kind of investment.But then for for good investment and prediction choose an expe

Actual investment and planned investment?

It's pretty much as it sounds. Planned investment is how much a person/company plans to invest over a period of time (usually a year) and the actual investment is the amount w

What are unquoted investments?

investments which are difficult to value, such as stocks which have no stock exchange listing, or land of which the asset value is difficult to estimate

What is the typical venture capital one might invest in a small business like a dance school in the Sacramento County region?

  Answer   There is no typical answer for several reasons.     First, "venture capital" is a special term that refers to money invested by professional invest

How you can invest in gold?

There are five different ways or categories in which you can invest in relation to gold in one way or another: 1. Gold ETF's - (electronically traded funds). An ETF is actual

How is art an investment?

because when you buy it, the value goes up as it gets older so if you buy it you can then sell it on when it gets much more value etc. or give it to your children when you die