What is a vermicomposting project?

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Vermicomposting has many projected and actual uses. [1] It can do done inside or out. [2] It therefore reduces and recycles the waste stream indoors and out. For it breaks down yard waste, paper and cardboard, and kitchen scraps. So it decreases the costs of maintaining old landfills and identifying new. [3] This waste management can be done year-round, because of being contained and because of indoor or outdoor placement. [4] It reduces energy and operating costs. For example, kitchen wastes do not clog or smell up garbage disposals or waste baskets. [5] Its finished product can be used as fertilizer, mulch, or soil amendment. The two former are applied to the surface, the latter below ground. As a natural organic fertilizer, vermicomposted material can be spread at the rate of 1/4 inch in fall or spring. It is mounded into 2-3 inch mulch layers to keep away weeds, hold in moisture, and even out temperature extremes. As soil amendment, it is mixed down into the soil. All three ways improve soil structure, fertility and drainage. They do so, by the introduction of vermicomposting's organic matter into the soil.
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Who is the buyer for vermicompost?

Vermicompost is highly desirable for gardeners on all levels. It isalso highly desirable for small farms and organic agriculturalapplications.

What is vermicompost?

Vermi compost is worm manure, the end result from a worm farm. The valuable natural fertilizer and plant food that the worms have produced from your kitchen scraps..

What are the uses of vermicomposting?

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Why does vermicomposting help in the conservation of the environment?

The return to the soil of what's taken away is why vermicomposting helps in the conservation of the environment. Vermicomposting describes the use of worms to break down cert
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What is meant by vermicompost?

Now a days farmers are yielding good results by using vermicompost, the compost prepare by using earth worms . Earth worm is one of the animal which is helpful to us.It is cal
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How do you make a vermicompost?

You mix lots of green leaves cow dung and add earth worms leave it for 2-3 months and you get vermicompost.
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How does vermicompost work?

Vermicomposting or worm composting is a simple way to convert organic waste materials into nutrient rich soil conditioners with the help of compost worms. The worms live