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What is a water bath and how is it used?

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Water bath is a device or a vessel for regulating the temperature of anything subjected to heat, by surrounding the vessel containing it with another vessel containing water which can be kept at a desired temperature.
the point of getting a water bath is to recover with a sottheing temperture if you sore.
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Why is it deionized water be used in water bath?

The addition of any other species into the water would raise its boiling point. I think typically you want to establish a a known temperature in whatever experiment you're doi

How much water is used in a bath?

In an average bath 90L of water but if you like it really full it will be more than 100L of water so in stead of having a bath have a shower because it is quicker -unless you

Do you use water for a rabbit's bath?

Healthy rabbits don't need to take baths at all. Rabbits are clean animals: they wash themselves. If your rabbit needs a bath, something is wrong -- maybe his habitat is too d

How much water does a bath use?

It depends how big it is and how deep you fill it.   A: Get a bucket that you know the size of (normal buckets hold up to 4.5 gallons (18 liters)). Next time you fill the

How much water do you use for a bath?

What i would do is put about half or more of the bath size - but it is up to your size. because when you get in the water will rise. as if you were to put a rock into a glass

What is the use of water bath in laboratoy?

A water bath is used to maintain a certain temperature. When a set of test tubes containing experimental materials have to be incubated at a certain temperature (typically bet

Can you use bath water to water your plants?

Yes, the plant will feel happy when you give it it's first bath. Then days later it will be tall and a teenager. And it won't need your smelly bath water anymore. So...... yes