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caravan, Convoy
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Why do George and Lennie travel together?

In mice of men the book written by John Steinbeck, the two main characters are called George and Lennie. They travel together mainly because it stops the loneliness. It helps

A vehicle for snow travel?

One vehicle often used for snow travel is the snowmobile. This  vehicle is very popular in places like Canada and Alaska where snow  often prohibits the use of regular motor

Do skunks travel together?

From what I have read they spend most of their time alone. They will livetogether during the winter to keep warm on occasion.

Why do seals travel together?

Seals travel together for the same reasons as lions, zebras etc... They travel together so that they can protect one-another from predators and any dangers that approach. If a

What is working together in travel and tourism?

Working together is a type of interelationship. It mean partnering  up with 1 or more companies and working together to create better  service to the customers. This is main