What is a word meaning time at that moment?

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There are two words I can think of regarding time in a moment.
  • now = time at this moment
  • then = time at that moment
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All our moments Stolen in time?

Answer . Oh, joy. Clocks broken The death bell tolls For who? Why do I care? What length have I Walked down dusty, dirty trails To soot - covered asphalt Tarnished by the

What time is it in New Zealand at the moment?

Depends on what you mean by "at the moment". Do you mean exactly now? If so, by the time I answer the question then the answer will be wrong. (Takes time for me to type ;-) B

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It was written by Albert Hammond and John Bettis. (Hammond, in addition to being a successful songwriter, had several pop hits of his own, including "It Never Rains in Souther

What is a frozen moment in time called?

It was the Egyptians whom first created a calender and measurements of time according to the sun, moon, and stars. They are responsible for our 365 day year, 12 months and 30

Other words meaning good moments in life?

My personal fave is 'zenith', from the 15th century BC Arabic meaning 'the point in the sky directly overhead the observer', but there are others to consider;. vertex, acme,
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What does from this moment mean?

From this moment means from this point forward. Nothing included from the past but focus on everything in the future. An example could be, "From this moment on no one will be