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"bah-CHOOR" is a Hebrew word meaning 'young man'. The phrase refers to a young man, enrolled as a full-time student in a school of Judaic studies, at any level corresponding roughly to high school through college.
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Who or what is a Yeshiva teacher?

A Yeshiva teacher is a professor in a Jewish religious college. The Yeshiva's purpose is to train rabbis and other religious related professions in the ethics, traditions, and

What is a Yeshiva teacher?

  A Yeshiva is a Jewish learning institute where students learn Judaism. The Yeshiva teacher is the one who teaches the students and is primarily a Rabbi who has acquired

What is a yeshiva teacher called?

A student in a yeshiva will refer to his teacher as "Rebbe" both to others and in third person to his teacher out of respect. For example, "Can Rebbe explain it to me again".

What is a yeshiva?

A yeshiva is an academy for the study of Jewish texts. The Talmud  with commentaries is the main syllabus. A Yeshiva Gedolah is for  boys aged 16 and up, and a Yeshiva Ketan

What is the plural of Yeshiva?

Yeshivot or Yeshivos, depending on which dialect of Hebrew you are using.

What does yeshiva mean in Judaism?

A yeshiva is a school where the focus is on the study of Talmud and  other Torah-texts.

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