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AArp means First A stands for - American Second A stands for - Association R stands for - Retired P stands for - Persons American association of retired persons aarp is a non profit organization which helps people above the age of 50 to lead a peaceful life both health and finance. Most famous of aarp is aarp insurance.
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What does AARP stand for?

These letters stand for : AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of RETIRED PERSONS. AARP does not stand for American Association of Retired Persons. AARP stands for.. (drum roll, please...)

Who owns AARP?

Check this web site for info about who owns aarp - think they are not the benevolent entity they appear to be: http://www.nlpc.org/pdfs/AARP%20Special%20Report.pdf . Be war

What is AARP?

American Association of retired Persons that serve in intersts of its members through grassroots efforts, public policy awarness campaigns, and the use of lobbyists.
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What does AARP stand for and what is the meaning?

AARP is an acronym for Association of American Retired Persons. AARP is a nonprofit organization that helps people over the age of 50 chose benefits in society. AARP has offic

What does AARP life insurance mean?

It means being able to obtain a good insurance product at a low cost that seniors can afford. This insurance can be vital in senior personnel as their income is often regulat
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Where is the AARP The Hartford?

The AARP The Hartford is located at 1 Hartford Plaze, Hartford, Connecticut 06155. Call them at 1-860-547-5000 to get more detailed information about their location.