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What is active insufficiency of muscles?

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When a muscle reaches a point where it cannot shorten any farther it is has reached active insufficiency. A muscle becomes actively insufficient at the end of the range of motion that it produces.

Active insufficiency can also occur at a muscles lengthened state.
Either a shortened or lengthened state of a muscle can result in active insufficiency and thus reduction in force capabilities.
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How many active muscles are in your body?

It usually varies around 640 to 850. It also depends on the person. If they have paralyzed muscles, they are not considered active.

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muscles are activated when Oxigen goes trough your bood system, trough your veins and finaly to your Muscles making them move (Muscle Power..ACTIVATE! lol i always wanted to s

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What muscles are active while running?

Your triceps and biceps. Your calfs and thigh muscles. there, i think, are muscles in your tourso that are active. then your heart and lungs.
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What activity use 18 muscles?

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