What is actor Ajith Kumar height?

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Ajith Kumar email address?

Personal info about stars is usually not disclosed. Joining a fan base near you can help you communicate with Thala. His recent release Mankatha is very successful at the box

Who is best actor ajith or vijay?

well, Let's compare the results. We should concentrate on threeaspects 1.Awards 2.Best earned movies 3.Fans Best actor awards ------------------------ Vijay: Not even a singl

Is ajith Kumar a good Tamil actor?

He is an actor who had good past with sensible movies but more thana decade he lost his reputation due to his health issues. Presentlyhe is being overrated just because of his

Mail id of actor ajith Kumar?

its not possible for celebrities to provide their personal information. ajith singh too is a celebrity. he can't give his mail id as they have some privacy in their life.

What is the actor ajith residencial address?

His house is near amma's house .. His house will look like red fort and all his drivers hav a uniform like a pilot .. His address is kept confidential .. Although I know his p