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Who is Ralph Fiennes?

Ralph Fiennes is an English actor whose portrayal of Amon Goeth inSchindler's List in 1993 earned him a Best Actor nomination at theAcademy Awards.

Who is an actor with the first name beginning with the letter m?

Mel Gibson for (Passion) and with Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) Actors with first names starting with M: . Matthew Brodrick . Matt Damon . Michael Douglas . Morgan Fairchild . Michael J. Foxx . Melissa Gilbert . Melonie Griffith . Mark Harmon . Michael Keaton . Marlee Matiin, "Childr (MORE)

Ralph fiennes girlfriend?

Ralph Fiennes girlfriend is Lady Amanda Harlech. He has been datingher since 2006. Ralph Fiennes also dated actress Gina Gershon.

Where does Ralph fiennes live?

Ralph Fiennes is an English actor who has starred in Schindler'sList, Red Dragon and the Harry Potter film series. Fiennes has ahome in Lower Manhattan but it is unclear whether or not he livesthere all year round.

Who is the Actor with first name beginning with the letter k?

Kevin Spacey . Kate Winslet . Kirk Douglas . Kevin Costner . Kevin Kline . Karl Malden . Kurt Russell . Kate Jackson (one of the original Charlie's Angels) . Kim Bassinger . Kevin Pollack . Kirsty Ally . Kim Kardasian . Kyra Sedgwick . Kathrine Hepburn . Kelly McGillis (starred w/Tom C (MORE)

Is Ralph fiennes gay?

affirmativo..aka YUPP *edited by Yia* Any citations? If you knew anything about Ralph Fiennes' past (and probably present and future) you'd know he has a well-deserved reputation as a bit of Don Juan.

Does Ralph fiennes smoke?

Apparently he did. He was quoted in an interview once as saying that he smoked when he was alone to relax. However, Ralph has a very famous addiction to toothpicks, a classic sign of a smoker who's kicked the habit. ralpf does smoke.i saw him take out a pack of marlboro menthols and share one with (MORE)

Famous Actors that have first names starting with the Letter L?

Lawrence Fishbourne (currently starring in the original CSI) . Larry Hagman (actor, Major Nelson from"I Dream Of Jeannie" and JR from"Dallas") . Lawrence Olivier . Leonard Nemoi (actor, Star Trek, Dr. Spock) . Lorne Greene (Ben Cartright, "Bonanza" TV series)

The name of the first James Bond actor?

I think Sean Connery... You are correct, on film at least. On thre Radio it was one Bob Holness, yes, he who wrent on to be the host of Blockbusters in UK. (Or is that an urban myth ?) the first man to play James bond was Barry Nelson

What movies has Ralph Fiennes been in?

In chronological order (oldest first), Ralph Fiennes was in:. Prime Suspect A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia Wuthering Heights The Cormorant The Baby of Macon Schindler's List uz Show Strange Days The English Patient "The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century" Oscar and Lucinda The Av (MORE)

What movie or TV actor had the first name Emmett?

A character in the film and book Twilight, and the Twilight saga series by Stephenie Meyer is called Emmett.. 2 answ: Emett Allen actor of 2007 Purgatory House, Emmett Vogan actor of 1939 The Greener Hills, Emmett Lynn actor of 1946 Romance of the West, Emmett Robin actor of 2008 MArley and Me, Emm (MORE)

What religion does Ralph Fiennes practice?

English actor Ralph Fiennes, perhaps most famous for portrayingLord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" film franchise, was raised inthe Catholic Church. He is no longer a practicing Catholic, but hedoes consider himself spiritual.

Actors whose first name starts with the letter d?

Deborah Messing . Dennis Hopper . Drake Bell . Dakota Fanning . Diane Keaton . David Dechovny . Daniel Stern . Danny Glover . Delta Burke . David Jansen . Daniel Day Louis . Dick Van Patten . Donald Southerland . David Hyde Pierce . Drew Barrymore . Don Knotts . Danny Devito . Danny (MORE)

Did Ralph Fiennes win an Oscar?

The versatile Mr. Fiennes has been nominated for Academy Awards twice, but has never won. He received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his 1993 performance as a Nazi officer in "Schindler's List." He also was nominated as Best Actor for his work in "The English Patient" (1996). Probably best (MORE)

Who are male actors with the first name Will?

There very many. Here is what I could find: . Will Smith . Will Ferrell . Will Arnett . Will Sasso . Will Friedle . Will Forte . Will Geer . Will Poulter . Will Patton . Will Yun Lee . Will Estes . Will Mellore

What was the name of the first actor to play the role of Superman?

Kirk Alyn played in the Superman movie serials that started in 1948 whereas on TV (starting in 1951) it was George Reeves. If you want to include VOICE actors, the Superman radio serial started in 1940 and the first of a series of animated short films followed about a year later. In both of these (MORE)

Why did Ranulph Fiennes explore?

because... he saw on TV a man exploring and it seemed fun so when he got older he said 2 him self i m going 2 be an explorer and that's what iv herd

What was Ranulph Fiennes famous for?

He was the first person to visit both the north and south poles by surface means and the first to completely cross Antarctica on foot, climbed Mount Everest at the age of 65, and ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.

How old is William Fiennes?

William Fiennes was born on May 28, 1582 and died on April 14, 1662. William Fiennes would have been 79 years old at the time of death or 433 years old today.

What is ralph fiennes famous for?

Ralph Fiennes is an English actor who has appeared in many starring roles in films such as Schindler's List, The English Patient and also The Constant Gardener. He is distantly related to the British Royal Family and was married to the actress Alex Kingston in 1993 but they divorced four years later (MORE)

What is meant by the term fiennes?

A definition of the term British term fiennes was not found. The Fiennes' are a prominent family in England. The British actor Joseph appeared in Schindler's List and Harry Potter, and his brother Joseph appeared in Shakespeare in Love.

What is Joseph Fiennes most known for?

Joseph Fiennes, who liked to be called Ralph, was an actor from the United Kingdom. He is best known for his roles as characters who are writers in the story.

Actors with same first and last name?

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any US actors with thesame first and last name. There are several regular people with thesame first and last name.