What is adequate life insurance?

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It is based on your debt, which includes Mortgage and credit card, also it takes into concideration your income and who you would be benefiting when you die. Will your family members be able to live without your income, so you have to comfortably replace that. If you have any children, taking care of their schooling, or child care must also be taken into concideration. Speak with a reputable Life Insurance agent and I am sure that can explain in more detail.
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What is an adequate square foot rate for insurance on a commercial building?

It all depends on what the building is used for, where it'slocated, the type of structure (wood frame, metal, masonry, and howmany stories. For instance, I just quoted an apar

What happens when a pedestrian is hit by someone who does not have adequate insurance?

Answer . The victim has the right to file a lawsuit for any expenses incurred that was not covered by insurance. The victim can also file a claim with their own automobile i

How much life insurance is adequate?

Answer . I sold life insurance for several different companies. Some thoughts include "10 times your income", "as much as you can afford" and "it depends on why you are b

Where do you get life insurance from?

You can check your local phone book or online to find an agent andget quotes. Independent brokers are best as they represent amultitude of companies and can literally shop for

Do you have to have life insurance?

Answer 1 Yes i have life insurance that can pay well to my family after mydeath. At least, they will not depend on some one else. If i willalive that time i would like to con

What is insurable interest in life insurance?

Insurable interest refers to when someone (called Person A) wants to buy life insurance on another person (Person B). In order for Person A to buy life insurance on Person B,

What is adequate insurance?

Adequate insurance depends on your specific situation; the Needs Calculator will help you determine the adequate amount for your specific needs.

Where can I get life insurance?

There are many life insurance policies available in the market which offers you impressive features at reasonable premium. I would suggest you to get quotes from various life

What is Life insurance and general insurance?

Life insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance on human lives. Life insurance policies are considered to be "valued policies" because they are purchased in finite amounts,

What does adequate insurance mean?

The term "adequate insurance" refers to having sufficient insurance coverage with an authorized insurer to provide you with enough protection for the financial losses that you
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Is cheap health insurance adequate?

Cheap Health insurance covers all medical expenses includinghospitalization expenses if you are hospitalized for more than 24hours. Some policies also offer OPD coverage. You
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What is an adequation?

An adequation is an equivalence or an act of equalizing, or the change of the meaning of a term to make it relevant to context.