What is affordability?

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it means something that you can afford; affordibility
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How do you afford LEGO?

Well, if you are a kid, you can do chores, enter contests, etc. If you have a job, earn it!

Can you afford?

Afford is a transitive verb. Without an object, this sentence makes little sense.

Why eyeglasses is affordable?

They are made affordable so that people who have problems with their eyes could get them easier. Otherwise, it would be really problematic if they weren't.
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Are dams affordable?

Yes, dams are affordable! But we do not buy one. Well in some ways we do but the government uses our taxes to have one built. Hope this was a little helpful...
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Is afford an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a verb (to afford). The adjective form "affordable" has an adverb form, affordably.
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How affordable is California?

California is definitely one of the most expensive states to live in. Its median home price is $303,000, but this is not close to the highest it's ever been. However, you can
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What is afforded?

It means what amount could you spend.