What is agere systems hda modem used for?

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The Agere systems HDA modem is a 56kbps modem typically found on laptops. View it in device manager.

Start->Control Panel->System->Device Manager->Modems

Should be listed there. I have it on my Gateway T-Series Laptop.
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How can you use your mobile as a modem?

If the mobile company provides internet (not wap) you can connect with a data cable on your computer and then you will connect just like it was a dial-up connection. You can also establish a connection via Bluetooth. But becareful as your Carrier will slam you with some mega Data usage costs if your (MORE)

Why use a modem?

A modem is a low cost solution to connect a computer to the internet. They are cheap to buy and use existing phone infrastructure to form a network. They can also be more useful than a standard network connection because they can be moved around much easier, without needing to rewire or reconfigure (MORE)

In modem what kind of address is used?

If your talking about a dial-up modem, it uses a public IP just like a ethernet card. It depends on your ISP, what range of IP addresses you are assigned when you connect (DHCP: automatically assigned IP address; IP address can change) or you could also have a static address( IP address is always th (MORE)

What is the use of modem?

Modem is used to connect one or more devices. It is also used to connect internet.the full form of modem is modulator demodulator.

How is a modem used?

A modem is connect to a phone line and to the computer. When the computer wishes to connect to the internet it takes the line of the hook and dials to an ISP. The ISP computer answers the call and then acts as a gateway for the client system. Requests are sent to the ISP computer which receives the (MORE)

What is a modem used for?

A modem is a modulator and demodulator device that modulates theanalog carrier signal to encode the digital information anddemodulates the signal to decode the transmitted information. Themodem usually produces a signal that can be transmitted easily anddecoded to reproduce the original data.

What slots can a modem use on the motherboard?

Internal modem's PCB connectors comes in two sizes, if its about 5.25in(13.5cm) then its an old(hardly seen anymore) ISA type modem and should be placed on the long black slot, if its short about 3in(80cm) then it a PCI type modem and should be placed on the short white slot. In either of the two, w (MORE)

What is hda?

HDA is a process through which the formation of alkyl halide takes place........................................ In which one hydroen atom or u can say that alkyl group like(CH3,C2H5.C3H7......CnHn-1)react with any halogen atom like( F,Cl,Br I)react and give salt or u can say alkyl halide ....... (MORE)

What is a null modem often used for?

A null modem cable allows you to connect two computers together. Basically, the input and output wires are swapped to where the input of one computer is connected to the output of another and vice-versa.

What Are Uses Of The Modem?

Basically, modem is used to connect the analog world to the digital world. In other words, you can say it is the device that is used to convert the analog signal to digital signal. For eg. the modem connected with a computer is usually converts the analog signal that comes through the wire to the di (MORE)

How do you use a mobile phone as modem?

This is called tethering. Here are general instructions: . Physically connect your phone to your computer (this can be achieved via USB or Bluetooth) . Set up your computer to connect to your phone (your provider or manufacturer might provide software for this; ). . Set up a dialup connection an (MORE)

How can a laptop be used with an ADSL modem?

It's used the same way as a desktop computer. You simply plug the Ethernet cable into the network interface card. You may need to adjust your Laptop's TCP/IP settings to connect to the modem. Wireless Internet is also an option; however, you need a router with wireless capabilities.

What are the uses of Null modem?

A null modem is a cable connecting two serial ports with the input and outputs and device control lines crossed over, so the input pin on one port is connected to the output pin on the other, and so on. It is also called a 'cross-over cable'. A null modem allows two computers to be connected toget (MORE)

Why do computers use modems?

Modems are used to connect through to internet without modem you can use LAN(Local area network) card to connect to another computer which has the internet and modem installed and can use internet by using LAN Card.

When is the use of a DSL modem necessary?

This tutorial will help you understand the practical differences between DSL and cable modem networking. While similar in many respects, DSL and cable Internet services differ in several fundamental ways. DSL and Cable - Comparison and Contrast When evaluating cable and DSL services, you should co (MORE)

Do you need a modem when using DSL?

You do not need a dial-up modem. However, you will need to either purchase or rent a DSL modem, which works differently from a dial-up modem, and is usually outside the computer.

How do you use Amazon's Kindle as a modem?

You don't. Depending on where you are and what version of Kindle you own, you may search Wikipedia and browse the Internet, in addition to the universal Kindle Store access.

What modem uses coaxial cable?

A coaxial cable has great uses in television antenna connections.TV satellite connections also use coaxial cables to connectdecoders to the TV set.

What is a conexant hda d330 mdc v92 modem?

A Conexant hda d330 mdc v92 modem is a product that is used to getyour computer hooked up with the Internet. A modem picks upincoming signals and decodes them so they can be used on yourcomputer. This modem is compatible with all Windows PCs and Dellnotebooks. This is an older, dial-up modem.

Modem is a device used to?

A modem enables computers to communicate over lines of information whether it be telephone, RS 232, USB, Cable, satellite, or fiber optics. Although the technology for each one is different, they all essentially do the same thing.

How do you use a modem to connect to the internet?

Modem is used to connect a PC to the internet.Generally household & offices use 2 types of modems (i) Dial Up Modem (ii) DSl Modem Internet connectivity through DSL Modems is quite fast as compared to Dial up Modem. For connecting a modem to the PC , first connect the hardware unit, then in (MORE)

Why are modems used in data communication system?

First modem is the one device that connect the telephone with compute. But Now the days modem is used direct in the laptop and we are use the internet with help of the modem. Modem is provide us lot of facilities to use the new any were and very helpful for us. So this is a some important point of t (MORE)

How do you use a blacberry as a modem?

Yes Even though alot of cell Phone Companies Have Banned usage they have also Sold this Ability to other companies to provide it's function for this to Happen as Example Tether Berry Work on the Black Berry and help's one use the internet Remotely Via a PC Connection , and The Black Berry also have (MORE)

Why do you use modem?

modem means modulator demodulator. it converts digital signal to analog signal. it is use to transmit computer signal (digital signal) over the telephone line to communicate to other computers. modem converts the computer digital signal into frequency (analog signal) so that it can transmit over the (MORE)

How can you use your blackberry as a modem?

Yes, This is called tethering. The Blackberry desktop software has to be installed on the computer you want to tether too and there is an option in their to use as a modem. Just remember some cell phone companies charge extra for this feature

How is the dstv decoder used as a modem?

The best free internet presently is dstv internet. You can make use of this free internet with dstv by the use of a cable modem and decoder. The free internet used this way doesnt affect the use of the decoder in watching dstv with your tv. What is more it is a simple "you can do it yourself" proced (MORE)

Do you have to use the modem provided by your provider?

In Short no...... You do need to know what modems your provider will allow on their network and which modem is compatible with your provider. Many providers can inform you of acceptable modems through tech support or you can check online at your providers website. If you name your provider I can po (MORE)

Why don't we use modems anymore?

People still use modems for their internet connection. Many people have upgraded to using a wireless modem so that they do not have to tied down with a cord as in using dial up.

What are the benefits of using a cable modem?

A cable modem has many advantages over other alternatives. Some of the benefits include an always-online, broadband connection allowing for fast internet access at any time with high bandwidth capabilities, in excess of 30 megabits/second. This allows for much faster downloading capabilities and, as (MORE)

What are cellular modems used for?

There are three types of cellular modems - cell phones, aircards, and cellular routers. All three of these have the same purpose which is to connect a computer to the internet.

What are the advantages to using a clearwire modem?

The modem itself doesn't give you any advantages. The router is what is important. Even then, unless you're advanced with networking, you don't need all the special services. As long as you have a good internet service provider, you don't need special equipment.

Can i use my android phone as a modem?

Yes, you can make your Android phone as a modem, or more appropriately, a wi-fi hotspot. It is in Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Tethering & Portable Hotspot. Once in there, setup the wi-fi hotspot, turn it on, and you can connect your laptop, tablet, or any device that requires a connection. Ple (MORE)

Is the core of a computer system called a modem?

The core of a computer system is normally the CPU or centralprocessing unit or processor. This processor connects to amotherboard. The motherboard serves as a connector for all hardwarecomponents, modems, memory, drives, and peripherals. A modem is apiece of hardware that helps your computer communi (MORE)