What is an Avox in 'The Hunger Games' trilogy?

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An Avox is someone who has done a crime (typically rebelling) and has been punished by having their tongues cut off so they can't speak and they have to serve the new Hunger Games tributes every year.
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What is a mockingjay from The Hunger Games trilogy?

The Capitol had created muttations called 'jabberjays' to spy on the rebels, as the birds repeat whatever they hear. When the rebels discovered this, they gave the birds false information. After the Capitol 'destroyed' District 13, the birds were of no more use. Left to die, the jabberjays instead b (MORE)

What are the books in the 'Hunger Games' trilogy?

The Hunger Games . Catching Fire . Mockingjay All are written by the same author, Suzanne Collins. I suggest you read them all, they are my favorites, along with the Harry Potters, Gone, Hunger, Lies, and Plague, the Maximum Rides, and the Help.

What does the Mockingjay symbolize in The Hunger Games trilogy?

In the Hunger Games trilogy, I believe that the mockingjay symbolizes hope. It is the symbol for Katniss' rebellion, a chance for all of the Districts to be free of the Capitol. The mockingjay itself is a creature that had evaded the Capitol's plans and had been a sort of 'slap in the face'. The reb (MORE)

How is The Hunger Games trilogy good?

Well, the author (Suzanne Collins) gives the story with much detail and plot twists. Also it has certain objects in the story: . Killing . Action . Romance (Don't worry, it's fake until the second book) . Drama (But not the really annoying kind of drama) This allows the series to appeal to (MORE)

Will they make a fourth book in the hunger game trilogy?

First of all its a trilogy...tri=three if you didnt know.....and second of all it says "final book of the hunger games trilogy" on the cover so as far as i know of no. It did sell pretty well and im sad that there not making anymore but the author has chosen her decision....but you never will know (MORE)

What is an avox in the Hunger Games?

In the Hunger Games an Avox is a person who has committed a crime against the capital, What ever the crime was the capitol hunts them down and either kills them or keeps them alive but cutting their tongue off so they aren' t able to speak

Who dies in The Hunger Games trilogy?

In the first book, everyone in the arena except Katniss and Peeta. Cato is the last to die in the arena. In catching fire, 1 man in district 11 gets shot during the victory tour. In Mocking Jay, it's very sad when Prim dies. Coin, Boggs, Finnick, Snow, And Leeg 1or2 dies. I can't remember which (MORE)

What does the Avox girl look like in The Hunger Games?

She has red hair and no tongue because a few years before Katniss is a tribute in the Hunger Games she and Gale are hunting in the woods and the Avox girl and her partner are running through the woods because they broke the law and her partner is killed by the Capitol but the Avox girl is not killed (MORE)

Who is avox girl from the hunger games?

The Avox girl is the girl that Katniss and Gale see running in the forest when a hovercraft comes over and kills the boy and carries up the girl. The Avox girl saw katniss, looking desperate for help, and Katniss feels guilty for not helping her. Later on she sees the girl waiting on her on the trai (MORE)

Will there be three movies for The Hunger Games trilogy?

No, as of June 2, 2011 the news has leaked that Lionsgate has planned to make 4 films out of the three Hunger Games novels. Gary Ross will shoot the final novel as two separate films back-to-back, much the way that Harry Potter and Twilight Saga did.

What is the Avox in the book Hunger Games?

Avox are Capitol servants who are captured and have their tongues cut so they can never speak. In The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss meets two Avox that she has seen before they became Avox. The Avox girl was named Lavinia, which is learned in Mockingjay. She was a red-headed girl Katniss saw runni (MORE)

What does avox girl look like in hunger games?

An Avox is a person who has defied the capitol. (Meaning breaking the law.) An Avox could be pretty much anyone. Once the capitol finds out you are breaking the law, they cut they're toung so the are unable to speek. After that, they force the person to become a servant for their own use. Hence the (MORE)

Why does Darius in hunger games turn into an avox?

In Catching Fire , when Gale was whipped by Romulus Thread, Darius tried to intervene and was knocked unconscious. He was then made into an Avox who served the District 12 tributes at the 3rd Quarter Quell, along with Lavinia, whom Katniss had previously encountered.

What does each book cover of the Hunger Games trilogy mean?

Each cover of the Hunger Games trilogy represents something different in the novels. "The Hunger Games" book cover has a picture of a mockingjay pin on it, and represents the mockingjay pin that Katniss received from Madge (Mayor Undersee's daughter) before the seventy-fourth Hunger Games as her dis (MORE)

How does the hunger games trilogy end?

Pit seems like Prim dies but that isn't true, and Katniss and Peeta get married and have two kids, one boy one girl. Also Snow is killed and Haymitch and Effie fell in love with eachother.

Hunger games avox?

An avox is a servant for the capitol. They have had their tongue chooped out by the capitol, so they cant speak, and they are forced to serve the people of the capitol.

Where can you get the Hunger Games trilogy for the cheapest price?

You can probably get the hunger games trilogy at Barnes and noble- but I don't know how cheap. I read all three books- and they were AMAZING!! But I'm not sure how much money they were cuz I didn't buy the books! I borrowed the first book (the hunger games) from my cousin. And the second and third b (MORE)

How does the avox girl act in the hunger games?

She doesn't show any personality at all, considering she's an Avox and Avox people were people that tried to run away, got caught, had their tongues caught out, and then turned into slaves for the Capital

What were the avoxes in The Hunger Games?

Avoxes are people who the Capitol believed have rebelled against them. If the 'rebels' are captured, the Capitol mutilates them by cutting off their tongues, rendering them unable to speak. They are then used as servants. Examples of Avoxes mentioned: Lavinia, Katniss' servant in the original book. (MORE)