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The functioning of antifreeze is based on the observation that the freezing temperature of a liquid is lowered when something is dissolved in it. In theory, anything that dissolves in water can be used as an antifreeze. In practice, there are several limiting constraints. First is that the substance should mix together with water in any ratio. Some liquids are difficult to dissolve, or crystallize at lower temperatures. Second is that the antifreeze should be inert, that is, not react chemically with anything it comes into contact with in the cooling system. Third, it should be cheap; and fourth, it should not cause the buildup of unwanted pressure within the cooling system -- this means the antifreeze should have a high boiling point. The almost universally-used substance that matches all these specifications is ethylene glycol, which has a boiling point of 387$F. A cooling system that has a 1:1 ratio between glycol and water has a freezing point of about -40$F, ideal for the normal range of applications. Additionally Antifreeze has additives that help to lube the water pump, and inhibitors to keep rust in check. There is no really good, cheap, alternative at this time, although there are studies concerning using glycerin, a byproduct of turning Soybeans or Corn into Bio-diesel as an antifreeze substitute.
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Why do you use antifreeze?

To prevent the coolant freezing, to help keep the system clean and prevent corrosion and to make the coolant more efficient in cooling the engine.
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Does antifreeze get old?

Yes it loses it's ability to protect the engine and must be replaced, around every two years is the usual time between changes.
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Who created antifreeze?

Ethylene glycol was first prepared in 1859 by Charles Adolphe Wurtz, a French chemist. .
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