What is an antique?

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An antique is an object having a special value because of its age, like domestic item or a piece of furniture or handicraft esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin. It is an old collectable item, collected or desirable because of its rarity, condition, utility or other unique features. It is also an object that represents a previous era in human society.
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What is an antique library table worth?

The value for an antique library table will vary based on variousthings. Some of the considerations include the period and thecondition that it is in.

What is an antique gun?

An old gun that has been around for a while and was widely popular and is now presently not in production and is a rarity to find around anymore.
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What is an antique Faberge black widow broach worth?

On the show Pawn Stars it was valued at $15,000.Hope this helps. No,That's the price Papa Pawn gave the clueless lady who brought it in and originally only asked $2000. PapaPa