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Anotonyms for salutation (meaning greeting) would be dismissal or farewell.
Antonyms for salutation (meaning praise) are disapproval, demerit, calumny, condemnation, or criticism.

We say hello with a salutation; we say goodbye with a valediction. This is also the term for the polite closing in a letter.
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What is an antonym for 'to'?

Two antonyms of some usages of to are from and after . To is a word with many uses both as a preposition and an adverb. There are no antonyms for most usages, but there are for two of the most common meanings. When to is used as a function word relating to movement ("walked to her schoo (MORE)

What is an Antonym for when?

There is no opposite of "when" (location in time). There is non-guaranteed occurrence indicated by the word "if."

Salutation to the dawn?

Salutation to the Dawn is a poem about life. It speaks aboutyesterday, today, and tomorrow, about dreaming and happiness.

Salutations in Spanish?

Usually I would use "saludos", which simply means "greetings". In a very formal context, you might also use "salutaciones".

What is a salutation of a letter?

The salutation is the greeting, or beginning, of a letter. It usually is "Dear (insert person's name here),". Formal letters usually begin with "Dear Sir or Madam:". For friends, it is appropriate to write "Hi ____!" :) no its not its the ending

Salutation in a letter?

Salutation in a letter is the initial greeting to your reader andshould be addressed accordingly. Depending on who the letter isbeing addressed to, a salutation can began with Dear, Dear Sir orMadam, To Whom It May Concern, or Hello.

What is an antonym for but?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. The word "but" has no antonym. (head) ↑ I am not sure why the word "head" is in brackets....if someone is indicating that "head" is an antonym for "but", they are incorrect. "Butt", as in derrière, is spelled with two "tt"s; "B-U-T-T"

What is salute?

A salute can be described as occurring when you put your hand upagainst your forehead and then put your hand back down.

What is the salutation for congressman?

The Honorable Firstname Surname Dear Mr./Ms. Surname, Sincerely yours, http://www.librarycat.org/SVLS/html/lawmakers/correct_form.html Do address to "The Honorable" but Do NOT put Mr. or Ms. (and certainly not Mrs.) on the salutation after Dear when addressing someone who has been voted to (MORE)

What are the antonyms?

Of what? An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. So up is the antonym of down, for instance.

What is an antonym for I?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. The word "I" has no antonym. However, the only word choices for "not-I" are the singular pronouns he or she, or the plural pronouns we or they. *EDIT* the above person is wrong, an antonym would be you

What is an antonym for such?

Some words do not have opposites [antonyms]. The word "such" has no antonym, unless it it used in terms of "how much". For example: She was such a sight. When used as a "how much" word, antonyms are "little" or "slight".

What are the origins of saluting?

The exact origin of this salute has been lost in time. One theory is that it came from Roman soldiers' shading their eyes from the intense light that was pretended to shine from the eyes of their superiors. Another theory is that it came from when men-at-arms wore armor, a friendly approach would in (MORE)

Example of a salutation?

Salutations are greetings used in letters or when you meet anotherperson. Salutations include bowing, shaking hands, and militarysalutes. In letters, salutations start with "Dear" and the name ofthe person or their title. Other examples are sir and Madame.

Salutation for a judge?

In court, it is common to address the judge as "Your Honor." Depemdng on the court "Your Worship". "My Lord/Lady"

What is a salute in dressage?

A dressage salute is when the rider enters the areana and comes to a halt. The the rider puts the reins in the left and, and if they are a female rider the bow the head and bring their right hand to the side of the horse, if they are a male rider the take their hat off and bow their head and put the (MORE)

What is an antonym for how?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. The word "how" has no antonym. As an adverb: absolutely, unconditionally; incontrovertibly; incomprehensibly As a conjunction, it really has no antonym. For further reference, please check the following page: http://dictionary.reference.com/bro (MORE)

The meaning for salution?

The meaning for solution is two or more substances mixed together.The mixture of molecules will be equally dispersed creating onesubstance.

Which hand do you salute with?

The right hand.. In Israel Defense Force, a soldier gives a proper salute by streching his or her arm upwards while forming a straight line towards the right eyebrow (not touching it, just pointing at it). Also, if nothing occupies the left hand, it is most rigorous to make a fist with the left ha (MORE)

Where and when you salute?

You only say it when you are familiar with the person. You use it as a form of hello but you just don't say it to anyone. You say it to people who are the same age as you. However, you don't say it to your boss or the President of your company. Just keep it to family and casual friends to keep it sa (MORE)

What is the meaning of a salute?

a salute is regocnition of respect for the person or their rank whether you like them or not (example Army soldiers to superiors)

What is the antonym for will?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. The word "will" as a noun has no antonym. If "will" is used as synonyms for like, please, or prefer (and other similar words), then the antonym for "will"would be "neglect" or "pass". If "will" is used in same sense as "shall", then the anton (MORE)

What is an antonym for?

Antonyms are words with the exact opposite meaning of another. Examples: cold = hot sweet = sour donate = take

What is the antonym of then?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. The word "then" has no antonym but a contrasting word would be now . Also, the opposite of then (afterward) in a sequence is before .

How do you spell salut?

The English word is "salute" (military courtesy). The spelling "salut" is a French greeting, or a Catalan phrase used as a toast.

What is an antonym for the?

The word "the" does not have an antonym as such. The alternative or opposite of a definite article (the) or pronoun (this, that, these, and those) would be an indefinite article (a, an) or pronoun (one, any, some).

What is the leeds salute?

The Leeds salute is now a well established part of our culture, to do it make a fist with your right arm place the thumb edge of the fist on your heart, extend your arm fully outwards and slightly upwards. The salute is used when we get a corner kick and is accompanied but a low grunting LEEDS LEEDS (MORE)

What is saturated salution?

A solution in which the maximum amount of solvent has been dissolved. Any more solute added will sit as crystals on the bottom of the container.

What is an antonym for have?

The opposite of have is to lack, be without, or be wanting. Other antonyms could include: . abstain . decline . desist . miss . pass up . refrain . refuse . reject . turn down .

What is a salute in science?

The word you seek is probably 'solute'. A solute is the materialwhich becomes dissolved in another substance. Sugar is soluble inwater, and hence is the solute. In this example, the water is the'solvent'.

What is the antonym for you are?

Some words do not have direct opposites [antonyms]. Antonyms do not usually substitute for phrases. The phrase "you are" has no antonym. A contrasting version of "you are" is "you are not".

How do you spell salute?

That is the correct spelling of the word "salute" (an acknowledgement, or a military courtesy).

What is a salution?

Not a word in the English language, if you mean Solution, it is the process of dissolving a solid in a fluid so that the various elements of the solid are absorbed into the fluid

Why does filtiring will not seporate a salute from salution?

If you mean, "Why does filtering not separate a solute from a solution," then the answer is: Filtering is a mechanical process to remove physical particles of solid matter. If something is dissolved, like salt (the solute) in water (the solution) there are no physical particles of matter to remov (MORE)

What is a Islamic salutation?

To a Muslim: Asalamu'alaikum - Peace be with you To non-Muslim: Asalamu'alaikum - Peace be with you or Salam - peace Scholars differ over the correct way of greeting a non-muslim, but either phrase will do.

What is the antonyms of WILL?

Irresolution, indecision, vallication, wishy- washiness, indifference, dislike, hatred, disinclination, loathing, destestation, be irresolute, be indecisive, vacillate.

What person salutes?

Every service member in the US Military salutes, according to protocol. . All salutes are held until returned. . Lower ranking service members present salutes to officers first when out of doors, but not in a combat situation, and officers return the salute. . All personnel in the US Army sal (MORE)

What language is salute?

English as a noun or verb, but in French and German, 'salut' means both "Hi" and "Bye" as a general greeting term.

How do you salute in Spartan?

There exists a misconception that the Spartan salutation is similar (and thus borrowed by) with the Roman salutation (which is supposedly then borrowed by the Nazis). There is no evidence to support that whatsoever.. The Nazi-like salutation first appeared on the painting "Oath of the Horati" on th (MORE)

What is the antonym of he?

An antonym for the word 'he' would be 'she' since 'he' stands for amale and 'she' stands for a female.

What is the opposite salute?

Adolf Hitler introduced the opposite salute in 1935, the best thing to do is to talk to old german soldiers and use his salute in front of them, they will tell you the answer in more depth.

What is and antonyms?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of a pair of words... Some examples would be :- male & female, long & short, lead & follow.

What is the origin of the salute?

According to some modern military guidebooks, the modern salute has its origins in the middle ages. Warriors wearing armor would greet each other be removing their visor in order to see each other and show they mean no hostility. However, there is no actual evidence supporting this.

What is the antonym for your?

The word your does not have an exact antonym, but there are some situations in which the opposite of your is my. This is your pizza, and this is my pizza. You can eat your pizza, but don't touch my pizza.