What is an audio channel?

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Just plain 'ol music or radio; will usually feature the name of the artist and maybe a history, or other information. Also of note is the "clock channel" lol
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Can you play console games through Windows Media Center 2005 if there are audio and video jacks on the computer but there does not seem to be a way to change the channel to something like video 1?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe only way to do that is with a TV tuner card. Standard Video cards do not have inputs only outputs.\n. \n. \nalso i would like to add that, even with a tv tuner it is really hard to play console games such as ps2 or xbox, because most of the games run to slow, so like (MORE)

What is an audio equalizer?

an audio equalizer is equipment that presents a graphic representation volume , and other characteristics of a sound ( lows, mid, highs, ).

What is audio?

Audio quite simply is sound. It is typically used to refer to soundthat is transmitted, recorded, or reproduced.

What is 7.3 audio?

7 surround speakers, 3 subwoofers But most likely that is a snippet from some table of content

What is a channel?

a channel is when your watching TV you can switch to different stuff like first you were on Disney now you you want to go to nick you would have to switch channels

What causes popping sound from audio receiver speakers it pops when you change channels on tv and it pops when you shut the receiver off have optical cables feeding the avr from the cable box and DVD?

A loud pop in the speakers is one of two things. 1. DC voltage from the amp instead of the normal AC. (If this is the case the amp is slowly burning the voice coils of the speakers.) 2. a large spike to the input of the amp from the cable box (this would be less common, but possible.) In either case (MORE)

What are audio cables?

Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying audio signal and video signal, of either analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit radio frequency interference (RFI) and noise. They use connectors such as SPEAKON, XLR, TRS and RC (MORE)

What is audio in?

Audio in is and audio input that can be used for recording purposes http ://www .audio-dvd-maker.com

What is an Audio Generator?

Anything that creates electrical sound (aka audio.) A piano is a sound generator but NOT an audio generator. An organ or keyboard is an audio generator and not a sound generator. These can also be thought of as signal oscillators in the 20-20k hz range which usually produce a constant signal or tone (MORE)

What is an audio oscillator?

\nAn electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a repetitive electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave.

What is audio production?

Audio production covers a vast of fields and courses that targets to specific field. These include psychoacoustics, room acoustics and sound proofing principles of audio design, critical listening, forensic audio, audio equipment and system operations etc. Browse: http://www.artanddesigndegreesu.com (MORE)

What is the the difference between 7.1 and below audio channel?

I'm not sure if I fully understand your question but I'll take a shot.. Dolby 5.1 stereo has 5.1 audio channels:. Right front, right rear, left front, left rear and center. The sixth one is what I like to call a "pseudo-channel". It is for a subwoofer. The reason it only counts as ".1" is because (MORE)

What is an audio dongle?

A dongle such as CodeMeter Pace iLok or Steinberg dongle are used for copyprotection for audio processing software

What is V0 audio?

It is a standard mp3, with a variable bit rate ("vbr"), produced by the "lame" encoding engine (http://lame.sourceforge.net/). The '0' indicates it is the best quality lame vbr preset, although 'v2' is supposed to be nearly as good while taking up less space. For most people, a v0 or v2 mp3 is (MORE)

What is audio software?

\nAudio software is software designed for working, in some way, with sound files. Examples of audio software include software that allows you to accomplish digital audio extraction (DAE) on Audio CDs, software which allows you to edit sound files to remove pops and clicks, software which allows you (MORE)

What is audio clip?

An audio clip is a piece of a song . You can divide the clip using windows movie maker. I have absolutely no idea.

Will SPDIF output of cable box to input of AV receiver work for 5 channel audio?

SPDIF is a type of digital audio connection. If you hook that up to a port on the AV receiver make sure it is marked "digital/coax", PCM etc....the connection will be orange in color, just like the output on the cable box. Now make sure your AV receiver is told what type of audio to look for on that (MORE)

What is an audio inverter?

it invert the polarity of the in/out of the device. Inverter by definition invert one form to another form of energy [minus loss] so it can be used.

What is an audio input?

Audio input is bringing sound signals into a device from anotherdevice, typically using a plug or jack.

What is Audio Engineering?

Audio Engineering is mixing different tracks or inputs to good audio levels. They either work live or in a recording studio.

What is mono audio?

The word mono is from the Greek, meaning one, or alone. Mono audio, is the shortened version of monaural audio, which means one channel. Some people think it is "monophonic", but that is wrong.

What channel is A channel on?

it depends on the typ of cable you have and insurence 1 of 10 these asweres are pc and acidemically true comcast is diffrent in every cable wire meaning... every household has different numbers

What is audio summer?

An audio summator is, in essence, the mixer. It takes various source inputs and "summs them up" into one audio output (to drive the speakers, for example).

What is wav in audio?

wav is a file format or more precicely a container for audio files, it is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. It is an application of the RIFF bitstream format method for storing data in "chunks".

What is ohms in audio?

An ohm is a measure of resistance to electrical currant. Resistance relates to audio in many ways, like determining how many speakers/monitors you could wire in parallel without risking damage to your amplifier, getting the most power out of your amplifier (as power amplifiers can produce more power (MORE)

What is audio typing?

Audio typing is done using speech recognition software to type... for example, you can use the soft ware to write a word document. I can say "I like speech recognition PERIOD" and it will look like "I like speech recognition."

What is audio sclerosis?

Sclerosis is the medical term for the stiffening of a structure. Like when the tissue of an organ is replaced by connective tissue. So in this case it would be the hardening of the audio. There have been several reported cases of audio sclerosis through out history but there has been much more docum (MORE)

When was audio invented?

In its broadest sense, "audio" simply means the range of sound frequencies that can be perceived by humans. In that sense, no one invented it, it is simply the stimulus that we receive through the sense of hearing. If, by "audio", you mean the means to transform sound into an electrical signal, th (MORE)

Can you get 7.1 channels connecting audio via HDMI?

Yes, under two conditions. You need the 7.1 signal available in the program data stream, and you need an appropriate decoder. Alternatively, if the program does not contain 7.1, the decoder does signal processing to attempt to emulate a particular listening space, giving you a derived 7.1 channel en (MORE)

What is remapping audio channels for 5.1 surround?

Remapping is sometimes offered to allow 2-channel speaker systems to play back 5.1 surround DVDs. This option remaps the rear speaker sound to the front two speakers so that sound effects, music and other rear-only sounds can be heard if you only have 2 speakers.

What is a Audio In?

Audio In refers to the connection where you would plug in yoursource for the sound you are trying to hear. For example when youhave a guitar and you want the sound to come through and amp thenyou would plug your guitar into the audio in. If you are workingwith a mixer or a home receiver, you audio s (MORE)

What is Audio Out?

An audio out is the place where you would plug in the item you wantyour sound to come out of, most commonly your speaker. Thisconnection can vary depending on your application. If it is livesound you are talking about then normally an audio output would befrom an amp to a speaker. The same goes for (MORE)

What is a antonym for audio?

There aren't any. 'Audio' is sound or music, so the only thing would be 'no audio', 'no sound' or 'no music'. You could argue that mute(d) is an antonym, but it is not really used commonly. For example, these versions of a sentence: . A - There was no audio. . B - It was mute. Senten (MORE)

Can you install a 2.1 channel speaker into a 5.1 audio system?

If the speakers are passive and you can connect a line input into the sub separately, then yes. Most receivers can be configured for only two front speakers and a sub, although you will be losing all of the surround effect and the center channel benefits.

How do you change your audio channel from 8 to 6?

Generally audio and speaker configuration is achieved through the Windows control panel applet, either the vanilla Windows applet or by an applet installed with the audio hardware. The game itself may also have configuration settings within the game options. Knowing which game, your particular au (MORE)

How is audio used in digital audio?

Audio in a digital domain is used in the same way as in an analog domain. Editing, processing, filtering can all be carried out in similar ways in either domain.

How do you get the audio for the Wii?

Make sure your AV cables (The red/white/yellow) are plugged in correctly, Red and White being the audio cables. If this doesn't work, get new AV cables or send your Wii into Nintendo.

How do you split Audio?

I have a computer setup with 2x 100w speakers and a 200w amplifier,i also have a bluetooth wireless D100 speaker, i am enquiring ifthere is any way to be able to essentially 'split' the audio sothat it splits between the bigger setup and the smaller wirelessspeaker, wishing to do it wireless with th (MORE)

What is audio mastering?

Mastering is the process of making your audio mix of professionallevel and prepare it for distribution. It enhances your soundquality and correct mix balance issues and enhances particularsonic characteristics to make a perfect mix.