What is an axon terminal?

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An axon terminal is the structure of a neuron (a single cell of the central or peripheral nervous system) at the end of it's axon that forms a synapse with another neuron. Generally, the axon terminal is the point at which a neuron passes information to the neurons with which it is connected.
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Function of an axon terminal?

the sensory nerves re nerves that let you feel things and it sends signals to your brain when you feel something touching you

What is the function of Axon Terminals?

Axons transmit electrical impulses to other nerve cells, musclecells or gland cells. Impulses are transmitted with the help ofchemical neurotransmitters released at the termin

What are the chemicals released by the axonal terminals?

The accepted terminology is either neurotransmitter or neuromodulator. The compounds are epinephrine, ACh, norepiniphrine, GABA, glycine, ATP , ADP, adenosine, glutamate, aspa

What are the functions of the axon terminal button?

The terminal buttons are located at the end of the neuron and are responsible for sending the signal on to other neurons. At the end of the terminal button is a gap known as
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What do the axon terminals in a neuron do?

The axon terminals are the end point of an axon and they are responsible for releasing the neurotransmitters that will communicate with the effector/receiver.