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What is an electron a cloud or a shell?

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It is neither. It is a negatively charged particle that is in a cloud around the nucleus.
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Why k shell have 2 electron in its shells?

k shell has two electrons because in the structure of an atom every shell has an capacity to have fixed number of electrons that why k shell has capacity to have 2 electrons.

What is an electron shell?

it is the ring around the nucleus of an atom which contains electrons   in the first shell there are 2   in the second there are 8   third ''   in the outer sh

What is an electron cloud?

Because electrons were believed to be moving very fast that it almost can't be seen, the scientists found some places where the electrons can be seen and they called it the "e

What is the electronic cloud?

electronic cloud is the presence of free electrons around the nucleus

What are the electron capacities of the sixth seventh and eighth shell layers of an electron cloud I know the first can hold 2 and the second can hold 8 and so on until the sixth layer?

the pattern of an electron cloud is thisenergy level 1: 2atoms energy level 2: 8 atoms energy level 3: 18 atoms energy level 4: 32 atoms energy level 5: 50 atoms i came up wit

Why do electrons remain in the electron cloud?

Both electrons and electron cloud are same.In early times electron was treated as a particle but now we know that it has a dual nature i.e it can also behave as a wave too.It
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What is location of an electron in the electron cloud?

Electrons in the electron cloud of an atom are located at specific energy levels. We cannot say with certainty exactly where the electron is physically located at any given mo

What is the difference between an electron shell orbital or cloud?

The shell is the principle energy level, and is defined as 1, 2, 3,  etc. (or K, L, M, etc). An orbital is the spacial orientation of  the orbit, such as px, py, pz, where t