What is an example of legality of contract?

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Generally, a contract is a written agreement between 2 or more parties that is binding and legally enforceable. Generally there must be an offer made by one party and accepted by the other and something of value must be exchanged. In certain cases verbal contracts may be enforceable when the party who wishes to enforce has appropriate evidence.

A contract made for an illegal purpose is not enforceable. For example, a lease contract for an illegal apartment cannot be enforced in court.

A bill of sale needs to have a buyer, seller, date of sale, item sold, and purchase amount, to be consider a legal bill of sale. Legality is required items that must be listed.
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What is an example of contraction?

A reduction in size caused by a lowering of temperature,for example, a corrugated iron roof contracts during the cooling of temperatures at night.

What is a 'legally binding verbal contract'?

The real deal is that a verbal contract already is legallybinding. Assuming that both parties later on tell the truth aboutwhat was said. I suppose if you wanted to add a m

Requirements to make a contract legal?

An offer to do, or carry out, a specific thing, and an acceptance of that offer. Most jurisdictions will prefer that the contract be signed by the involved parties obligating

Can a verbal contract be legally binding?

Verbal contracts can be enforced. Particularly if one of the parties has relied on the contract to their detriment. It is usually more difficult to enforce and under the statu

How can you cancel a legal membership contract?

This question pertains to seeking legal advice, which is usually not a good idea to obtain via the internet. For the best answer to this question, you should seek qualified le

Is a verbal contract a legal contract in Florida?

It depends on what the contract is for. If you are agreeing to anything involving real property, the contract must be in writing to be enforceable. However, oral contracts are