What is an honorary aunt?

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An honorary aunt is a close friend of the parents who is called an aunt, though not related by blood. For example, if you have a friend who has a baby, you may be called an aunt (or uncle) by the child and parents even though you're not related.
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What are honorary doctorates?

Doctorates that are given out to people who have not studied to get their PHD but have been successful in that feild.

How do you be an aunt?

I'm guessing that you mean "aunt", the sister of your father or mother or the wife of your father's or mother's brother and not "ant" the insect. You become an aunt when th

What is an aunt?

An aunt is your father's or mother's sister (or sister-in-law).

What is an honorary pallbearer?

An honorary pallbearer is someone who was close to someone who diedbut actually does not carry the casket. It is an honorary title ofrespect and thanks.

Sentence for honorary?

Our secretary was not in that day, so we made one of the students an honorary secretary for the day. P.S your welcone for doing your homework lol.

Who has received an honorary award from AMPAS?

There are currently six special awards regularly presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS): (1) Academy Honorary Award, (2) Special Achievement Acad

Are the honorary awards the same as the Oscars?

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What is an honorary walk on?

Normally a walk on is a player who goes through an open try out to be allowed on a college team. A honorary, or preffered, walk on is an athlete who is invited to join the tea
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What are you to your aunt?

You are the nephew if you are male and a niece if you are female.