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An Idea Map is a tool that organizes and clarifies your thoughts in visual manner through the use of key words and images.

Idea Maps have a rich heritage in Mind Maps with one difference. Mind Maps by definition are held to a strict set of laws. Idea Maps combine the excellent aspects of mind mapping with the freedom to break the laws.
Idea maps can provide the following benefits:
- Increased Productivity - Increased Creativity - The ability to see relationships between ideas that are not apparent in linear documents - In the development of an idea map, you can capture and organize ideas as they come to you rather than taking a more typical sequential approach - Clarity of thought - Memory Improvement ...and many more
Applications are limitless, but here are a few examples: - Creating and delivering presentations - Developing a corporate or personal vision/mission - Project Planning - Event Planning - Book Summaries - Brainstorming - Decision Making - Studying - Taking Notes ...and many more
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