What is an in app purchase?

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Basically in-app purchase means in a free or paid apps you can find a button / link to add any extra features to an app for a fee.
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How do you get the in app purchases for free?

first use cydia to look up ifile then go to the "user" after that go to "applications" then numbers for eg : 00BEA0C8...-30C6C547E567 then look for (in any) itunesMetadata the

How do you delete apps purchased from app store?

Go to updates and then to purchased. Then swipe the app you want to delete and click hide. Also, on a mobile device, you can hold your finger on any app on the home screen to
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Where can one purchase iPhone apps?

The only place that one can purchase iPhone apps is the iTunes store by Apple. The iTunes store also sells ebooks, magazines, television shows, movies, and music.
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Where can the Gang Wars app be purchased?

The Gang Wars app is available for both android and iPhone. It can be downloaded from the Play app store and from iTunes, or direct from the Apple site.
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What is in app purchase?

An in app purchase is things like coins and other special thingsfor a game that requires real money.