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An infinitive is a verb form that consists of the word to followed by a verb, i.e., to jump, to listen; however, an infinitive is NOT used as a verb! It can function as a noun, adjective, or adverb.

For example, in the sentence, "I want to sleep," to sleep is the infinitive that is a noun and serves as the direct object of the transitive verb, want.

In the sentence, "Is there anything to eat right now?" to eat is the infinitive that is an adjective and modifies anything.

In the sentence, "My colleague quit to find another job," to find is the infinitive that modifies quit and is an adverb. Note: There is an object of an infinitive here: it's job.
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What is an infinitive phrase?

An infinitive phrase uses the "to" form of a verb, used as a noun (subject, object), a subject complement, an adjective, or an adverb. The infinitive phrase includes the objec

What are infinitives?

  when a verb has "to" in front of it, it is known as the infinitive e.g.   To play   To run   To jump

What is an infinitive in Spanish?

an infinitive is a verb in its to form. for example, hacer, dormir, bailar, and limpiar ar all verbs in the infinitive form. meaning to do/make, to sleep, to dance, and to cle

What is an infinitive sentences?

An infinitive form of a verb is any verb with "to" in front. to walk; to run; to think. It is the unconjugated form of the verb. When you conjugate a verb, you indicate the w

What is an infinitive in a sentence?

An infinitive is the "to" version of a verb, which is referenced but not conjugated. It is normally considered "incorrect" to put adverbs between the "to" and the verb (split

What is an infinitive form of a verb?

In English, it is the form of the verb that begins with 'to' as in 'to write, 'to breathe,' 'to walk,' 'to end.' It is quite literally the 'name' of the verb, and the base fro

What is an infinitive in Latin?

An infinitive is a verb, usually ending in -re, and translated to... i.e Ambulabam = I was walking Ambulare = To walk
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What is an infinitive pronoun?

An infinitive is not a form of pronoun.The infinitive form  is a verb in the present tense with "to" in front of it: to  go, to seem, to run, etc.   When a pronoun prece
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What is an infinitive particle?

"to" as in "To err is human." It turns a verb into a noun or adverb. It works similar to a gerund, which is formed by adding -ing, as in "Erring is human." A split infinitive
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What is an infinitive-?

An infinitive is the basic form of a verb, without an inflection  binding it to a particular subject or tense (e.g., see in we came  to see, let him see ).