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What is an isometric drawing?

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A form of three-dimensional projection in which all of the principal planes are drawn parallel to corresponding established axes and at true dimensions; horizontals usually are drawn at 30° from the normal horizontal axes; verticals remain parallel to the normal vertical axis.
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What is the difference between Orthographic and Isometric Drawings?

Orthographic drawings are typically two dimensional views of an object.  For instance, if you were designing a table, you would draw a top view, side view and a bottom view.

What is isometric sketching?

isometric drawing / sketching is the same thing ; is where an object is seen in almost 3D profile, from each edge . so a view would be drawn showing the front (1) ; the slop

How do you read isometric pipe drawings?

There are 2 types. 1st angle projection & 3rd angle projection. They are not drawin in cylinders. It's just lines goin in directions I.e north south east west etc.

Isometric contractions - exercise?

During isometric contraction, tension is increased but the length of the muscle remains constant. This is because the tension you put on the muscle cannot cope with the weigh