What is an urgent care center?

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Urgent Care Centers are normally free standing buildings (not connected to a hospital) that are an alternative to the Emergency Room at a hospital. Some are open 24 hours, others maybe open 12 hours. They basically offer medical attention on a walk-in basis, no appointment needed. They're known for short waiting times, and can help you with everything from flu symptoms, broken bones, stitches for bad cuts, and sometimes offer X-rays. Some insurance plans offer easier access to the urgent care centers than the emergency room at a hospital, in other words, you may pay less money at the urgent care center. There are registered nurses on staff and a doctor is there to write prescriptions.
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How do you choose a day care center?

Choosing a Daycare Center . Check out the Daycare center any or all of the ways mentioned below. Pay them a visit any time of the day and see if the activity going on looks like it should. (I once walked all the way through a daycare during naptime without being noticed!) Finally, leave your chil (MORE)

How do you choose a child care center?

Here is advice reprinted from a child care FAQ in the usenet newsgroup alt.childcare: Finding the right kind of child care takes time. If possible, begin looking a few months before your child will need care. Allow several weeks for visiting different child care centers and family day care homes. (MORE)

How do you get insurance for a day care center?

Daycare Insurance When seeking any type of insurance, including insurance for operating a daycare, always start by calling your local agent. They should be able to meet most if not all of your insurance needs. ..

Why does a Day Care Center have to be bonded?

Answer . Hello, A bond is a form of trust and people who are leaving their children with strangers need to know they can trust these strangers. A bonding company will run criminal and credit records etc for each owner and employee. Ideally, the higher the bond amount, the more these people can (MORE)

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How many children are there in a day care center?

This depends on the size of the centre and the number of staff on site at any time. Most countries have minimum space requirements and staff ratios, among othe restrictions; for example at least 150 square yards of free space and at least one worker for every four children.

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What is a pet care center?

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What is wound care center management?

Wound care center management has to do with the oversight and administering of policies and procedures for a wound care center (a medical clinic or hospital department that uses hyperbaric medicine or oxygen to heal non-healing wounds). Wound care centers are often outpatient facilities (like emerge (MORE)

What is an urgent care facility?

An urgent care facility is an ambulatory care facility. They usually deliver medical care outside of the hospital E.R. Its usually in a walkin basis for patients whom require medical attention quickly but, not serious enough to have to wait in E.R.

Is a toothache considered something that needs urgent care?

A toothache could mean the presence of an abcess that requires treatment with antibiotics. While urgent care may not be needed in an urgent treatment facility outside of a hospital, it would be wise to seek the help of a dentist as soon as possible.

When do you need urgent care instead of emergency care?

Urgent care is necessary for a serious illness that does not require the use of an emergency room. This typical means that the patient is ambulatory or able to walk and the problem is not immediately life threatening.

What are the primary health care centers in India?

Primary health care centres are the tertiary level health care facilities that reaches closest to people. It is aimed at providing health care to all in India and every district in India has atleast one PHC.

Can urgent care clinics give antibiotics?

Urgent care centers do have either doctors or nurse practitioners that can prescribe antibiotics but you may be asking a question about antibiotics for viral infections. Antibiotics for viral infections don't work. They are only given if a secondary infection is expected

Is Urgent Care open twenty four hours a day?

It depends on which city someone lives in in the United States. Some Urgent care facilities are open twenty hour hours a day, others are not. It all depends on where people live and how big each facility is in terms of staff.

Where in Ohio is Doctors Urgent Care?

Doctors Urgent Care as offices in St. Clairsville, Ohio.The address is:51342 National Road.St. Clairsville, OH43950The phone number is: 740 699 0940.

What is meant by a urgent care clinic?

An urgent care clinic is a medical facility that provides the service of physicians for immediate treatment of things such as injury or illness. It is considered a convenient option when one is not able to get in to see ones regular physician.

How many baby care centers are there in London?

There are many baby care centers in London. There are roughly fifty different baby care centers in the city of London. Some examples of baby care centers in London include ABC's Child Care Center and Alpha Day Nursery.