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An analog computer refers to a computer that uses the continuously changeable aspects of physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic quantities to model the problem being solved. In contrast, digital computers represent varying quantities symbolically, as their numerical values change.
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What is an analog computer?

An analog computer is any computer that represents its data in theform of continuously variable signals instead of the discontinuous encoded symbols used by digital compute

What are the advantages and disadvantages of analog computer?

Advantages . continuous representation of all data within the range of the machine . fast and inexpensive when implemented with same technology as digital computer . Di

What is analog computer andwhat are its functions?

An analog computer does not use discrete steps, but smoothly models whatever is being calculated. Most are specialized devices, but the (good old) slide rule was a general pur

What is the fist analog computing device?

The Antikythera mechanism (pronounced /ˌæntɪkɪˈθɪərə/ AN-ti-ki-THEER-ə ), is conjectured to be an ancient mechanical computer [1] [2] design

Who invented the first analog computers?

The first known analog computer is the antikythera mechanism. It was found underwater in 1900. It is believed to have been made prior to 100BC. Inventor unknown.
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How is an abacus an analog computer?

It not analog , its digital. Analog devices are continuous , digital devices have discontinuous states . As the only valid states of an abacus have each bead either up or d
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How big is an analog computer?

depends, it can be as small as a Nordon bombsight or as large as one wall of a room. some have been smaller or bigger than that range.
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When was the analog computer made?

Mechanical ones were built as far back as 100BC. The Bush Differential Analyzer was a large programmable electromechanical analog computer built starting in 1929. The famous
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Who was the inventor of the Analog Computers computer?

The Antikythera mechanism is believed to be the earliest known mechanical analog "computer" by Derek J. de Solla Price. It was designed to calculate astronomical positions.
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How does analog computer work?

It works on a constant supply of varying signals (and not necessarily even electrical). For instance, an automatic transmission in a car is pretty much an analog computer. As