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Anomic suicide is a suicide resulting from a lack of normative integration; in such a situation, individuals feel rootless and disconnected from guiding norms and values.
In simple words, anomic suicide occurs due to an individual not feeling as if he/she fits into the society anymore-this feeling is a result of the society changing drastically due to economic boom or industrialization or many such factors. Eg: investors often commit suicide when they see that they have lost all the money they invested.
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What is a suicide hotline?

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What are anomic activities?

It is a state or condition of individuals or society characterized  by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the  case of uprooted people.

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death? or someone could fail the attempt at suicide, which would probably put that someone in an institution, or put that someone is therapy. If you are thinking of suicide,

What type of suicide is conducted if the person cannot deal with defeat... Is it fatalistic suicide Egoistic suicide Anomic suicide or altruistic suicide?

None of the above because all those types of suicide have to do with social disorganization and the social bonds of individuals. Anomic is closest because it refers to an eve

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How can you get suicide?

Suicide is not a disease and cannot be caught or transmitted. Suicide, by definition, is just the act of killing oneself for any reason whatsoever. It's an action- to commit

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Are you suicidal?

Seek help if you are possibly contemplating suicide as it is not the answer to anything. It only causes grief. Call this toll-free hotline in the US for assistance: 1-800-78

What is considered suicide?

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