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Anomic suicide is a suicide resulting from a lack of normative integration; in such a situation, individuals feel rootless and disconnected from guiding norms and values.
In simple words, anomic suicide occurs due to an individual not feeling as if he/she fits into the society anymore-this feeling is a result of the society changing drastically due to economic boom or industrialization or many such factors. Eg: investors often commit suicide when they see that they have lost all the money they invested.
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What does suicide mean?

Suicide is when a person takes their own life. Put another way, it means that they made themselves die. Any method used by the person themselves with the intention of dying wh

Is suicide wrong?

yes. it is very wrong No it is not wrong,you have the right to live your life as well as end your life any time you see fit..Suicide is a personal choice.

Why are you obsessed with suicide?

It sounds like you may need to ask yourself a few questions.Do you think about death a lot -- not just your own but death itself?Lost or gained any weight lately without tryin

Who are the suicides in 'Antigone' and why?

Antigone, her betrothed Haemon, and Haemon's mother Theban Queen Eurydice are the suicides in the play "Antigone." Specifically, first Antigone hangs herself. Her reasons are

In which city there are no suicides?

Shehr-e-khamoshan (Graveyard) is the only city have no suicide attempts....

What is anomer?

it is a stereoisomer that differs in configuration at only one chiral center

What are advantages of suicide?

There is not many advantages, considering you'd be dead. The one advantage people see in it is being able to escape life and the problems that come with it. It's basically an

What is the difference between epimer anomer and why anomerisation of glucose is not called epimerisation?

  An Epimer is a stereoisomer of another compound that varies in its configuration at only one of the chiral centres. For example beta-D-glucopyranose and alpha-D-mannop

How can you get suicide?

Suicide is not a disease and cannot be caught or transmitted. Suicide, by definition, is just the act of killing oneself for any reason whatsoever. It's an action- to commit

What is a suicide sac?

  Suicidal Sac= Lysosome- digests excess food particles

How is suicide determined?

If the person who died killed themselves did so by their own doing and had the intention to kill themselves.

Why does maltose have both alpha and beta anomers?

Maltose is a disaccharide made of 2 glucose units. So, "α" or "β" is based on the relation between the stereochemistry of the anomeric carbon and the furthest chiral centre

Can suicide be forgiven?

no! no! no! don't do it! Life is to much important to die for. No one knows what shall happen.   Roman Catholic Answer Any sin can be forgiven if the person repents, confes
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Who are suicide hackers?

they will stop at nothing and will ignore consequences

What is teen suicide?

??? teen suicide, is basically a teenager making a choice to take  their life. usually its a cause of emotional or even physical  problems they cant handle anymore and just

What are the chances of suicide?

depending on the age of the person if they are 10-14 there is a 1/100,000 if the person is 15-24 there is a chance of 1/10,000 and if they are older then 24 there is a chance
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How can you prevent suicide?

People have been trying to answer that question for a very long time. We can only do our best to help people when they become suicidal. Listening to people when they need to t