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Anti means "no" or "not".
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What is anti matter?

Anti matter is matter identical to natural matter as we know it in every way except that its charges are opposite. An entire galaxy could be made out of anti matter and it cou

What is anti Christ?

an·ti·christ/ˈantēˌkrīst/ . Noun:. A great personal opponent of Christ who will spread evil throughout the world before being conquered at Christ's Second

What is anti hacking?

Basically, its when a hacker hacks the hacker. Remember the prefix anti means against.

What is anti lock?

Anti-lock Basics . Most anti-lock braking systems consist of sensors which sense a wheel which has, or is beginning to stop turning [skid], and momentarily releases the bra

What is anti hcv?

hi i have touched the pusey of a girl, which i dont know and i could not able clenan up my hands and ate some food can i get aids

What is anti diabitic?

it is a normal drug u take while ur blood sugary is high and it will take it down to normal in 30-60min

What is anti synergy?

When the sum of its parts are greater than its whole. e.g. when an iridescent blue satchel is worn with a Purple polka dot dress and orange shoes. Each item individually is "

What is anti champion?

An anti-champion is assigned to play the role of devil's advocate on a team project.

What is anti fused?

An antifuse is an electrical device that performs the opposite function to a fuse.
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What is anti materia?

I assume you mean antimatter. It turns out that different elementary particles have so-called antiparticles, which have opposite values of some key properties, such as electri
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What is anti -oxidant?

An anti-oxidant is any substance capable of inhibiting oxidation,such as those used to prevent deterioration of stored food.