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Any voltage that is fed into or "applied" to an electrical circuit is referred to as an "applied voltage".
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Why negative impulse is applied during Impulse voltage test?

The lightning phenomena is occurred on transmission lines or sub-stations due to which a negative wave is generated hence definitely destroy the power apparatus. So for impuls

The resistance of a copper conductor will decrease with an increase of applied voltage?

  No, the resistance of a copper conductor does not vary according to applied voltage. It is constant for a given wire size, and only varies with temperature.   Of cour

Why rated voltage is to be applied to primary for open circuit test?

Open circuit test on a transformer is usually performed to measure the IRON losses.Iron losses are produced due to eddy current and hysteresis losses. In open circuit test, th

What voltage must be applied to fully charge capacitors in series?

To fully charge capacitors in series, you would want to make sure they are all rated for the same voltage, and then apply the sum total of the rated voltage (if they are 25 vo

What is happening when voltages is applied on thermocouple?

Voltage is not intended to be applied to a  thermocouple. Heat is, and that will result is a  voltage being developed which can be used to measure the heat.    Actuall

Why does a capacitor discharge when the applied voltage decreases?

A capacitor resists a change in voltage. That is how it works. It had to be charged to apply voltage to it in the first case, so it has to be discharged to change the voltage,