What is average sales commission for solar power sales?

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I have been a director of sales and VP of sales at several solar installers. Residential solar salespeople, or design consultants, can be paid in a variety of methods; full commission (most common), recoverable draw plus commission, non-recoverable draw plus commission, or base salary plus commission. The commission will typically be greater if there is no base salary. Expenses, such as mileage, will vary as well. Many companies offer salespeople benefits. The benefits and expenses make a big difference in quality of life.
The most common, full commission range 5% to 7.5% depending on if self-employed, volume of business, bonus plans, mileage reimbursement, etc.

Recoverable or non-recoverable draws typically range $2k-$3k month; commissions will be in the same range as if on full commission.
Base salary can range $2k-$3.5k per month. The commission schedule will most likely be lower with a base salary; range 3% to 5%.
Conclusion; no matter the method of payment, a successful residential solar salesperson or design consultant can make $60,000 to $300,000. The large difference is due to the company's offerings, available financing, number of leads, geographic location, available rebates or state tax incentives, and most importantly, the individuals knowledge, experience and sales ability.

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What is the average retail sales commission?

\nThe average retails sales commissions vary from 1 1/2% to 10% finding that footwear sales pay 10% and many retail chains of specialty items pay 1 1/2%.\nThis is based on Philadelphia and surrounding area.\nIt is very possible i may have missed something and we would all like to know.

What is method of calculating commission on sale?

Sales commission can be calculated base on either: 1) A percentage of the total Revenue. 2) A percentage of the Gross Profit. 3) A percentage of the Net Profit. That percentage can be against the: 1) The overall achievement of all sales during a complete fiscal year; or 2) Achievement of specific i (MORE)

What is the Average sales expenditure percentage in a sale?

Answer . This will depend hugely on the business. A high volume low service sale (e.g. grocery retail) it will be almost nothing, fractions of a percent. In a low volume high service sale (e.g. custom software or other highly engineered products) it can be 25% or more.

What is the average commission made on car sales?

The average commission made depends entirely on the type and make of vehicle you are selling. That being said, you can expect to earn about $150-$250 per car sale....so you can figure around $200 is the average. Most dealerships will also provide bonuses and extra cash to motivate their sales staff (MORE)

What is Retail Commission Sales Associate?

-Continually develops an in-depth product knowledge and is able to assist guests in meeting their product requirements -Builds client/guest base through leads and follow through -Maintains merchandise (cleaning, signing, pricing and replenishment)in assigned areas -Takes appropriate action to (MORE)

Should you share your sales commission?

Sales commission is earned for selling a product of the company. Ifyou have done all the hard work by yourself, you should not sharethe sales commission. However; if someone has helped you to achievethose sales, split the commission according to their input.

Are you entitled to sales commissions once terminated?

It will depend upon your specific contract. In most situations, you are entitled to commissions only through the end of your employment. After that, the company benefits from your work and doesn't have to pay anyone for it.

Does a Lowe's sales specialist earn commission?

No more commissions as of today, feb 11, 2012. Lowes just announced a few days ago that sales commissions will no longer be paid. they will pay sales associates one half of 2011's commissions earned, divided by 52 weeks, and add that tiny amount to future paychecks. Folks in appliances are going to (MORE)

Sales commission on vacant land?

In my experience, it is 4% to 10% in a suburban area. It depends on how hard it is to sell. Vacant land in Manhattan may not need to pay any commission -- let the buyer pay it if they use an agent -- just put a for sale sign on the property. Vacant land in West Texas might need to pay 15% -- or "wha (MORE)

Average outside sales commission?

The average outside sales commission varies depending on the jobyou have and what you are selling. An average commission is around10 percent.

In dollar amount what is the average commission for sales representative?

This question is unanswerable. The term commission indicates that the person is paid a percentage of the sales price. The commission they earn each week/month/year, in dollars, will depend on two things - (i) the level at which commission is calculated and (ii) the total sales they have made.

What is the commission rate for service sales?

The commission rate for any product or service is based on theannual services revenue and total sales compensation less salary.If annual services revenue is $12M and the total sales compensationis $240,000 including a $120,000 salary, then the servicescommission rate is ($240K - $120K)/$12M = 1%. De (MORE)

What is the current sales commission rate for software sales?

All companies have different compensation plans. For enterprise software sales, commission rates can be anywhere from 2% to 8% of sales. They typically start at a low rate and ramp up with accelerators after quotas have been met. Often companies determine the rate by establishing a variable compensa (MORE)

What is Commission Sales Associate?

A commissioned sales associate is a person who sells stuff over the phone or in a store and gets some money from what they sell like 5% of the price.

What is the commission on new car sale?

Ofcourse it would depend on the amount of profit that a vehiclegenerates. Most new car sales commitions are know as minis.Refering to the minimum amout that the dealership will pay itsemployees for a sold unit. This can range from $100 to $250, somemay pay even more to keep its sales force happy in (MORE)

What is the average machinery sales commission I am a nonwovens machinery producer and I have reps in different countries that want to have contracts that are commission based.?

The commission can be based on a straight percentage of sales or on a percentage of the gross sales margin, according to RepHunter. For most commonly manufactured products, a manufacturer's agent's commission ranges between 7 and 15 percent, as of 2010, RepHunter reported. A commission based on a pe (MORE)

What percent of commission from a 3000 sale?

Depends on what company you work for, how nice they are to their salesmen, what your quota was for the month, etc. I'm only an engineer, but it seems to me like you should have gotten that arranged before you accepted the job.

Typical commission for IT Hardware sales?

The typical commission for IT hardware sales depend on the cost ofhardware sold. Hardware costing below $10,000 will yield 8 percentcommission, $10,001 - $20,000 is equivalent to 10 percentcommission, and higher than $20,000 will yield 13 percentcommission.

Can you get unemployment if you are a commissioned sales person?

There may be some states who operate differently, but most do not cover sale commissioned workers (the employer in those cases are not required to pay unemployment taxes, therefore there is no fund from which to pay those categories. The worker is considered self-employed.

How do you report a sales commission to unemployment?

Because each state has its own protocol on reporting, you need to contact the state unemployment office where you work. The various methods employed by them are in person, by telephone, by mail, or on the Internet.

What is commission sales?

When you are paid on a commission basis, you receive a certain percent of the price of the goods/services you sold, rather receiving a wage or salary.

Are sales commission checks taxed?

All gross worldwide income is reported on your 1040 income tax return and subject to income tax at your marginal tax rate. Does the issuer of the commission checks withhold any amount from the gross commission before the NET commission take home paycheck is issued to you. Are is the commission c (MORE)

What is commission on sales?

Commission on sales is when the worker earns money based on how much they sell of a product or something for a specific company. The pay could be all commission, or could be a combination of salary+commission or maybe even hourly+commission.

Is sales salaries and commissions an administrative expense?

Sales salaries and commission expenses, if paid for selling theproducts then it is selling expenses, while if salaries orcommission is paid for administration work then it would beclassified as administration expense like salary of operationmanager etc.

What is average sales commission for sales?

I think it depands on each company's policy. I have a friend he works at this franchise sports shoes store in the Mall and he said he got paid hourly as sales + 1% sales commission. I was very shocked when hearing the sales commission, its so low, but i guess this is how it is.

How are sales commissions calculated?

It could either be a straight commission scale (like 5% of all sales, for example), or it could be a sliding scale (say 3% of the first 10000, then 6% of the next 10000, etc). It's often calculated on a monthly basis. So say it's 5% of all sales. If the gross sales attributed to the salesperson is (MORE)

Are sales commissions a direct or indirect expense?

Sales commissions are direct expenses. Direct expenses are thosethat used to directly run a business like labor, materials productsservices and more. Indirect expenses are the costs of doingbusiness and include things like rent, insurance, depreciation andmore.

Why are sales commissions a variable cost?

Sales commission is a variable cost because the amount of the account is subject to variation. Think about it: A used car salesman is paid a commission say of $500 for every car he sells for the month of October. If he sells only 2 cars, then the sales commission is $1000, If he sells a w (MORE)

How is sales commission usually shared?

Earning a commision on a sale usually depends on the price of the product and the percentage of commission earned on the sale. For instance a company who offers 20% commission, a sales person would be $20 dollars on the sale.

Tour guides commission sales?

The commission sales for tour guides will depend upon what thecompany will be paying someone. All companies are going to havedifferent commission guidelines.