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Diamond Blue Smith
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What is a blue baby?

A blue baby is an infant born with a congenital heart defect that causes a bluish coloration of the skin as a result of cyanosis (deoxygenated blood). The color is most noticeable around the lips and at the tips of the fingers and toes. This indicates a severe condition which usually requires surgical repair. To read more about this condition, see the Related Link.

Are blue moons real?

The meaning of "blue moon" has changed over the years; we can't be certain of what the phrase "once in a blue moon" originally meant. Does the Moon ever actually look blue? Yes, it can; volcanic ash high in the atmosphere can cause the Moon to appear blue. But that's not the current "generally accepted" meaning. These days, we use the phrase "blue moon" to refer to the second full moon within a calendar month. The lunar cycle is 29 days long; months are (except for February) 30 or 31 days long. So if the Moon is full on the 1st or 2nd, the Moon will be full again on the 30th or 31st. That happens about every other year. In fact, if there is a "blue moon" in January, there will usually be one in March of that year!

What are blue babies?

Blue baby is a symptom of possible conditions at birth. They can range from irregularities in the heart, to the baby not getting enough oxygen.

Baby bash real name?

Baby Bash is a Mexican-American rapper, known for his single "WhatIs It". His real name is Ronnie Ray Bryant.

Is Island of the Blue Dolphins real?

I watch the movie of the book, and yes it is real( The movie put a message that said it was real). The island is also real, it is one of the Channel Islands at the coast of California.

Are blue wolves real?

Blue? As in cornflower, Mama's checkered tablecloth blue? No. But there is a variation of the Gray gene that is considered 'blue' by several species of animals. Note in fact the Russian Blue cat, and the 'blue' of a Cochen chicken. While it is not a true blue, it does have a reflective quality of the underlying gray. So while the Blue Wolf sounds pretty, it is just a fantasy.. The 'Rain Wolves' of western Vancouver Island have been refered to as Blue Wolves but the term is not offical anywhere.

Is blue blood real?

No, normal human blood is cherry red when full of oxygen and purple red when full of carbon dioxide. When viewed though skin however, the veins can look bluish. The term "blue blood" is an expression from the Spanish phrase "sangre azul," indicating noble birth or descent.

Is blue balls real?

If what you mean is your testicles turning blue, then no. The discomfort known as "blue balls" is, however, real. It is caused by having an erection for an extended amount of time and not ejaculating before your erection is gone.

Are blue roses real?

There are some real blue roses that were genetically altered andsome that are dyed for cut flowers.

What is baby blue?

Baby blue is a light shade of blue. Things like a baby boy's room would be a baby blue. It's just a light shade of blue.

Is baby blue real?

I think baby blue is not real cuz I have done it before and nothing happened so all the youtube stuff is fake and hes also not true if bloody Mary is not true and that's my answer

Who is blue baby?

Blue baby is an infant born with cyanosis as a result of a congenital cardiac or pulmonary defect that causes inadequate oxygenation of the blood.

Is blue moons real?

Yes/ The most literal meaning of blue moon is when the moon (not necessarily a full moon) appears to a casual observer to be unusually bluish, which is a rare event. The effect can be caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, as has happened after forest fires in Sweden and Canada in 1950 and, notably, after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, which caused the moon to appear blue for nearly two years.

How do you do blue baby?

You turn Off the lights spin around three times look in to themirror and say blue baby three times.

What was baby face nelson's real name?

The gangster Lester Joseph Gillis (1908-1934) was known as "Baby Face Nelson". The "baby face" was a reference to his young appearance, and the "Nelson" was from a pseudonym he used, George Nelson.

Is this site real blue-storecom?

The site is real although it ends store.com. Its based in China. There appears to be no reason to suspect that it has any malicious background at this time

Are blue kerlew hounds real?

i am not sure about that but i just finished the book today it said the river stopped giving up fish and the sheep started dieing of an unknown disease ever since the dog came the sorcerer used a spell to take out all of the dogs teeth but it wasn't strong enough it only took out one tooth and the dog ran away it is said to grant wishes and on a stormy night there was screaming and howling at the wizards house and they braved the storm and ran up to find out what was going on and found the sorcerer torn to pieces and the dog's cursed tooth was in a puddle.

What is the song that is like baby baby blue?

i think you meant a song beggin by madcon.You just heard the lyrics wrong.It really does sound like baby baby blue but it really sings beggin beggin you. :D hope i get you right

Is blue tea real?

Its not real but there is some other tea called blue tea but the color is not blue, its brown. So (If you watch icarly) on icarly it has blue tea...and if you think its real... its not. they probably just edit it.

Is Blue Sun real?

Your question is vary vague, but I'll give it a shot: Every star in the universe is a "sun" in the same way our own sun is. And very hot stars are distinctly bluish in color.

Are blue macaws real?

Yes Blue Macaws are a real bird species. There is a blue macaw called the hyacinth macaw, and the blue and gold macaw.

Are blue orchids real?

yes. of course! blue orchids can be made by putting a white orchid plant into a bottle of blue-coloured water, then observe it by a few days later. IT WILL TURN BLUE! try it!

Is blue moon for real?

Yes, but the term (errantly) refers to two full moons in one calendar month. Extreme atmospheric conditions would be necessary for this to be literal. Smoke in the air after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 caused a blue moon for nearly two years. See the related links below, please:

Why are babies called blue babies?

The term "blue baby" is applied to a newborn born with a circulatory problem that results in a cyanotic blue coloration to the skin. This can be a sign that brain or organ damage may occur and is a life-threatening situation. Identified causes include -- congenital heart defects (tetralogy of fallot, persistent truncus arteriosis, vessel transposition, missing valve) -- constriction of the pulmonary arteries

Why did beyonc'e name her baby blue ivyy?

Beyonce's favourite number is four as her birthday is on the 4th of September and Jay-z's birthday is on the 4th of December, she even named her latest album four. Four in Roman numerals is IV and if you say that out loud it becomes Ivy. Jay-Z choose Blue because he has a series of albums named the blueprint.

Why did beyonce name her baby blue?

She named her baby Blue Ivy. She came up with Blue because of Jay-z's album "Blue"print. And Ivy (IV) in roman numerals is 4.\ Her album is named 4, her birthday is on the 4th. Jay-z's birthday is also on the 4th and alot of other things in her life have to do with 4.

Is the blue masked mamba real?

Yes, the blue masked mamba is a relatively new snake and is a close relative to the black mamba. It is sometimes mistaken for it but can be identified by its orange mask and tail.

What is the real name of Blue Six?

The name Blue Six is an alias to the producer whose real name is Jay Denes. He is a musician that mostly makes music in the jazz genre and it's very soulful music.