What is behavior like after someone drinks?

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Rowdy, unruly and frankly unnecessary behavior which can often lead to the hooligan's arrest.
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How can you stop someone from drinking and smoking?

You can support someone in their decision to quit, and encourage them if they find it difficult, but they have to want to stop themselves too. If you are also a smoker / drinker, or have several friends who do so, then you can help the person who is giving up by refraining from engaging in those kin (MORE)

How can you get someone to realize their behavior?

That depends alot on what it is! If it is so obvious a 2 year old could explain it, just drop a hint. If they don't even know it's on the map, it could take a couple of hints. Sometimes they already know. It takes a jolt from somebody that they would listen to, like a close friend who can say it lik (MORE)

How do you confront someone about their drinking problem?

\nDon't confront someone with a drinking problem all by yourself. It's best to consult an intervention specialist and make a plan. You need to know some basic principles of intervention as well as to have support for yourself. You must know how to handle the alcoholic's resistance. At the very lea (MORE)

Can you get staph from drinking after someone?

Staph infection is caused by skin to skin contact. It is rare theyou could get staph infection from drinking after someone. However,if they touched the glass with their hands where you were drinking,it is possible if they touched their infected wound first.

Can someone explain my ex's behavior?

question continued.... we didnt talk for a couple of days but he did insist he wanted to keep me in his life and even said maybe we would be together again in the future..i was crushed because as far as i knew nothing was wrong we had a great time being together.. anyways i gave him his space but a (MORE)

Can you drink someones Urine?

Yes, it is possible to drink someone's urine and not die. It is likely that you may get sick from it however. It is not recommended to do this also because there are little to no nutrients in urine which can help the body metabolically.

Can HIV be contracted after drinking after someone?

I dont think so.. but some ways are when you have sexual contact with someone, breast feeding, using needles to inject drugs.. you get it if you have direct contact with blood or body fluids with someone that has the virus.

Nickname for someone who drinks alcohol?

Some names for someone who drinks include the following: Alchie Barfly Booze Hound Boozer Dipso Dipsomaniac Drunk Drunkard Guzzler Hop-head Inebriate Juicehead Lush Oenophile Rummy Soak Sot Souse Tippler Toper Wino

How can you help someone who has a drinking problem?

You will not like this answer. People with drinking problems have to help themselves. They do not seek relief until they are so miserable that they see no alternative. Therefore, "helping" an alcoholic is usually the worst possible thing that a friend or loved one can do. Making sure they have (MORE)

How do you tell someone that you are worried about them when they drink?

When you really love someone, you worry about them, and sometimes you find yourself in situations where that someone drinks or smokes or does something else that might harm them. You have to tell them you are worried. They might stop. If they know you love them, they might feel bad. . If you hav (MORE)

What do they like to drink?

If you are referring to mosquitos then the answer is blood. If you are referring to mosquitos then the answer is blood

Can you drink someone else's blood?

Why would you want to?! Yes but...Anyway uh...If you did and the other person had HIV or Aids...you'd be screwed. --- some people enjoy it lol. i reccommend only doing this to someone YOU TRUST, make sure you know they dont have a deadly blood disease. also dont try to drink too m (MORE)

What to do when someone drinks phenyl?

Call the mortuary and make arrangements. "Phenyl" is not a chemical name, except where it means the "phenyl radical", a free radical. Free radicals are extremely reactive. If you could somehow manage to obtain enough phenyl radicals to drink (you couldn't, as they would react with each other to for (MORE)

Why does binge drinking cause antisocial behavior?

\n. \n. \nOne of the first things alcohol does is remove inhibitions. The next thing it does is deaden the brain's "censorship" mechanism, which otherwise causes us to think twice about the things we say and do.\n. \nIn short, it makes us intellectually and socially stupid. The behavior follows (MORE)

What are behaviors of someone who loses someone close to them?

There are many behaviors because everyone deals with hurt/pain/heartache in different ways. But the main most common behaviors are - not them selves, not talking to anyone just being quiet, if someone asks what's wrong there straight answer is "nothing", no eye contact. Just the simple behaviors of (MORE)

What do you do when someone passes out from drinking alcohol?

First of all, roll them on their side. It is possible for them to vomit in their sleep, and if they're on their back they stand a chance of death from drowning in their own vomit.. Second, they need to be monitered. Too much alcohol and the individual could stop breathing. If their breath is very s (MORE)

Can you get aids after drinking after someone?

You can only get aids by sexual contact or a wound is open and you touch that person blood. Or if they have a cut in their mouth and its bleeding yes you can catch it that's why the doctor recommend you not to drink from somebody else.

What to recommend someone that drinks alcohol?

If they have reached a point where you believe you need to recommend something, it is unlikely that you will have any effect. We suggest that you do nothing to make life easier for them , and stay out of it. When they become miserable enough, they may take some action. Then your support will be val (MORE)

What is the normal feeding and drinking behavior of a horse?

Horses are grazers. They spend the majority of their lives grazing (eating grass). They will spend 3 to 4 hours dozing and sleeping. Wild horses travel over large areas always looking for new places where the grass is as yet uneaten. This is why domestic horses always do better fed several times a d (MORE)

Do people more like ly beat on someone from drinking alcohol or smoking pot?

People beat on other people because their repressed anger is released by the consumption of dis-inhibiting drugs. It's as much a case of people with anger issues preferring the release they get from alcohol and not caring for the laid-back feeling of cannabis as anything else. This is a poor argu (MORE)

What is the life expectancy of someone who drinks?

"Someone who drinks" could apply to a person who has one drink a week, or someone who kills a liter of vodka a day. Your question does not state when they began drinking, how much they drink, whether or not they have other health problems, and a variety of other factors that would bear on the answ (MORE)

Do you get herpes from a bite drinking after someone or what?

It's possible to get herpes from a bite, if some one with a cold sore bites hard enough to break the skin. It's unlikely to get herpes from drinking after some one. They would have to have a visible cold sore and you would have to take a sip with in seconds of them having a drink. Herpes doesn't lik (MORE)

Can someone with hemophilia drink alcohol?

Yes, a person with Hemophilia can drink alcohol, however drinking in excess is not good for anyone. Alcohol itself does not interact with the actual medications taken (Clotting Factor Proteins) for hemophilia. Since alcohol can thin a person's blood, alcohol consumption can make a current bleeding i (MORE)

Examples of problem drinking behaviors?

Problem drinking can be thought of as any drinking behavior that causes the drinker or anyone else risk or harm. It is not the same as alcoholism; most problem drinking is not by alcoholics.

What happens when someone drinks petrol?

"Local irritation with burning sensation in mouth, esophagus, and stomach. Vomiting, blurred vision, and diarrhea may also occur. Cases of chemical pneumonia have been reported from ingestion of this substance. Nervous system disorders paralleling those from inhalation exposure may also occur"

Why would someone start drinking?

Because they were thirsty. Answer: I would say it would be for many reasons. Some being: to hide childhood abuse, neglect, or other problems, such as obesity. It could also be to get away from problems at home or work. The most common reason is depression. The reason someone starts to drink is u (MORE)

Can someone died from drinking whiskey?

yes someone can died from drinking whiskey. very easily in fact if too much is consumed.... Yes, they you can definately die from drinking too much liquor or alcohol of any kind, I actually had a family member that died from alcohol poisoning.

How do you help someone who drinks mouthwash?

You don't. A person who drinks mouthwash is most likely a late stage chronic alcoholic. (Or a teenager and only does so infrequently) This person most likely will need to be medically detoxed(take them to a hospital first), and then sent to a long term in-patient center for alcoholism and addiction. (MORE)

Can you drink after someone with gentil herpes?

Sure since genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes is spread by skin-to-skin contact with someone who carries the virus. That means you can get herpes by touching, kissing and oral, vaginal, or anal sex. Once herpes hits air the virus will die almost instantly. Herpes isn't likely t (MORE)

Where can someone purchase a drink mixer?

Drink mixers can be purchased in department and appliance stores. Most of these stores have brick and mortar locations along with web sites for convenient purchases. Drink mixers come in many different colors and sizes to fit in with your decor.