What is being canonized?

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Canonization is a process that the Catholic Church uses to recognize saints. It is used to prove that the person lived a life of heroic virtue and is in Heaven. The Church does not make saints, that is done by God. The Church just has a formal process for recognizing them.

What is canonized?

Technically, to be canonized means to be incorporated into theCanons (laws, beliefs) of the Church. To be canonized as a saintmeans that investigations have shown that the can

What is canonicity?

Answer . The method by which the books of the bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, were determined to be the authoritative works of God. These writings are consider

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Why is Pope John XXIII being considered for canonization?

Pope John XXIII was the one who set up the Second Vatican Council, improving certain aspects of the Catholic religion, such as changing the language of the Mass from Latin to

What is canones?

a canoe is a type of boat but very small usually only one or two people fit in it depending on how big it is.

What is canonical?

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What is canonic?

More properly Canonical, for lack of a better word- with official approval- the canonical books of the Bible, for example.

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What does being a Canon in Religion mean?

A canon is a member of the clergy who is part of the staff of a large religious institution. To canonize someone is to declare that upon examination, s/he is above reproach