What is better Android or Symbian?

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Android definitely they have a stronger operating system and have adobe flash players thatbyou can install them and sometimes they already come installed on the phone.
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Which is better 1.6 Android or 2.0 Android?

Android 2.0 of course. Every update is made to offer new features and improvements. So, comparing both of them, Android 2.0 brings a lot more things like: . Bluetooth 2.1 su

Can Android app work on Symbian OS?

Because Symbian OS is essentially closed-source, you would need toconvert an Android app to make it work in an Symbian OSenvironment.

What is the difference between Symbian OS and Android OS?

Symbian OS was a popular mobile operating system in the early daysof smartphones, used by many manufacturers at the time but mostlyby Nokia. It ran on ARM platforms, and it ha

Which mobile OS is better Android or Symbian?

Android and Symbian are both open-sourced OS. Symbian at the timewas the most popular mobile OS worldwide (Nokia being its biggestproponent) until Android surpassed it around

What is difference between android and symbian mobile phones?

Android is a modern, Google - based operating system used in phones and Tablets which is open source. Android is the most versatile and popular of the new, modern mobile pho