What is better Android or Symbian?

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Android definitely they have a stronger operating system and have adobe flash players thatbyou can install them and sometimes they already come installed on the phone.
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Is the iPhone better than the Google android?

Hard to say ... you know, Apple iPhone, that's a a lot of restrictions from apple ... Android is opensource - no restrictions .... iPhone is heavily restricted, Android isn't. There's only 4 iPhones, Android has hundreds. iPhone isn't very customizable, Android is. iPhone can't install Custom ROM (MORE)

Which is better iPhone or android?

I think the iPhone is better because it never crashes, never gets destroyed with malicious software, is easy to download media onto, and it just works. Anroid may have some cool features, but Apple does not have these so that they have time to perfect their features and make them as flawless as pos (MORE)

Which is better 1.6 Android or 2.0 Android?

Android 2.0 of course. Every update is made to offer new features and improvements. So, comparing both of them, Android 2.0 brings a lot more things like: . Bluetooth 2.1 support . additional resolution . HTML 5 support . Microsoft Exchange support . Quick Contacts Interface and of course (MORE)

What is better iPhone or Android?

Depends on what carrier you want? Specify a bit more! But if you want the ability to customize your phone to the maximum extent then Android is your go. If you just want a list of apps and a closed environment then iOS is your go.

Which phone is better-Android or Droid?

Android is not phone ... Android is mobile operating system from Google Android operating system is inside Motorola Droid phone, HTC Desire , Samsung Galaxy S, ...

Is blackberry better than Android?

No. Android has far better applacations, hardwear, layout and performance. Blackberry app world has just over 500 aplactions, whereas android market had over 3000,000. Blackerry are also prone to slugish behaviour and constant freezing. I'd recomend an android, as you'll get a much better smartphone (MORE)

Which is better the iPhone or the android?

There's more or less the same difference between Android and iPhone as between PC and Mac: PC / Android: Freedom + Not so good looking Mac / iPhone: No freedom (at all) + Elegant Take into consideration that Apple devices cost significantly more. But Apple boasts far more apps than Android. (MORE)

Is Android better than iPhone?

It depends. But in my opinion Android is a little better, because it is more affordable and has a slightly better operating system. But the two are about the same.

Is Android better than apple?

Note that this question asks for an opinion. Below the line is one opinion. The comment about the type of glass would refer to a particular hardware manufacturer. There are many manufacturers who make devices which run Android (Motorola, HTC, Samsung, to name a few). There is only one hardware manuf (MORE)

Is Android better than ios?

Depends on your criteria e.g. For Apps: Apple, For More Freeness Android is In my opinion who has an android phone and a iPod touch I think android is better

What is better the Android tablet or the iPad?

Just around a year back it was all about Apple and its products like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc these all products are iOS based and no doubt Apple made the finest quality but now scenario is completely different. Apple has lost its influential image. Android has changed the whole concept for Tabl (MORE)

Which is better a iPod touch or android tablet?

It depends on what you want out of the device...Also if you want something cool and your in your teen or older years, an android tablet is the best. An Ipod is good but it cost so much and the only way you could get the music and videos and to start it up, you must have itunes. Some people cant g (MORE)

What is better iPhone 4 or Androids?

I am a phone salesperson, so I've dealt with a lot of phones. The iPhone is cool and all, but they have limited memory and apps. Android phones have a larger useable part of the screen, more free apps, and everything just meshes together better. The newer androids are also much faster, and there is (MORE)

Is apple better than android?

The question asks for an opinion. Below is one answerer's opinion. There may be others. See the discussion section, for example.... . No, because with Apple you have to buy the ipad or iphone which are the only devices you can buy, and there are both very expensive. With Android you have more devic (MORE)

Which is better android or iphone?

I have a iPod Touch and an Android phone and I prefer Android. Android has more customization like live wallpapers, widgets, a home screen iOS is much more restricted you couldn't until iOS 4 where you could change the wallpaper, iOS is only good because it has x1.5 the amount of apps that an (MORE)

Which apps better android or apple?

apple apps r better bcuz i had the iphone and an android phone and i typed in grand theft auto however i got a ton from apple and none from android thats stupid becuz apple haz it and android dosent so prefer apple

Is iphone better than Android phones?

short answer: No Long answer: Because of the overwhelming growth of the Android platform in number of devices, apps and supported products, the iPhone and apple have been slow to react. in this slowness, they made the fatal error that the android platform was just a small bump in the smartphone (MORE)

What is the difference between Symbian OS and Android OS?

Symbian OS was a popular mobile operating system in the early daysof smartphones, used by many manufacturers at the time but mostlyby Nokia. It ran on ARM platforms, and it had its own native(Symbian) kernel. Android OS is one of the most popular operatingsystems today, used by many manufacturers. I (MORE)

Which mobile OS is better Android or Symbian?

Android and Symbian are both open-sourced OS. Symbian at the timewas the most popular mobile OS worldwide (Nokia being its biggestproponent) until Android surpassed it around 2011. Part ofSymbian's fall was that much of its licensed source code wasrestricted to only member companies. In comparison, (MORE)

Which is better ios or android?

I have a iPod Touch and an android phone and I prefer android. Android has more customization like live wallpapers, widgets, a home screen iOS is much more restricted you couldn't until iOS 4 where you could change the wallpaper, iOS is only good because it has x1.5 the amount of apps that android (MORE)

What is difference between android and symbian mobile phones?

Android is a modern, Google - based operating system used in phones and Tablets which is open source. Android is the most versatile and popular of the new, modern mobile phone OS. Symbian is a proprietary (Nokia) operating system for mobile phones and on 11 February 2011, Nokia's CEO Stephen El (MORE)

What is better - an android or iPhone?

Right now the iPhone is much better than the Android. It has tons of appps and faster Internet speeds and can do everything better than the Android (accept for maliciously dangerous customizations). AND iPhone is getting a software update in the fall (iOS 5 with iCloud) which will make it even bette (MORE)

What is better android phones or windows phones?

Android phones are manufactured by Many companies. windows phones are also manufactured by many companies. The thing is that These two are two types of operating system for any smart phones. android phones have a larger count over windows phone. Main thing behind the success of android phone is (MORE)

Which is better Windows OS or Android OS?

android os is best for games and apps offering up to 20,000 aps (roughly), where as windows offers only 1,000 apps. But dont let that put you off though, windows is simple, effective at tasks and sutible for facebook users also, windows os phones have most of the time faster processers than android (MORE)

Which is better iPhone or android phone?

In the end, it all depends on what you use a smartphone for. If media capture, download, and playback is what you want, then iPhone is definitely superior. Android Phones, however, are sometimes far more useful than iPhones in basic phone functions. Calling, texting, web browsing, etc. can be done (MORE)

Is iPhone or android better?

Well to my opinoin I think they need a little comparing. Well for Android its very customizable you can get launchers and change some effects like a sliding effect you can make the sliding effect different when you slide to another page you can make it so theres another side of a box. Another thing (MORE)

Is an Android better than iPhone?

No. Your iPhone may be a little delicate without a case, but in OS terms, your iPhone will last two years without being overridden with dangerous software or thrown against the wall in anger.

Which phone is better android or blackberry curve?

Trust Me Android Is Much Better, Why! Because It's Obviously! Blackberrys Are Hard To Right With, Cause Keyboard Is Small. Internet Is Rubbish And YouTube Is Slow! Small Screen. Not Good Quality Apps, Can't Even Get Angry Birds! Boring Design! Can't Add Many Things To Home Screen! Slow (MORE)

Which is better android tablet or Kindle Fire?

An Android tablet is way better. All Android tablets are more customizable, have cameras, voice commands, faster processors, have more internal memory, more external memory, more apps, accept flash drives, SD cards, and more. Some Android tablets even have 4G LTE. The Kindle Fire does not offer any (MORE)

Is Android better than Windows?

Android is for phones, while Windows is for computers. Totally different devices. If you meant Android vs Windows Phone 7, then I don't know

Is an iPhone better than an android?

IPhone 5 has WAY BETTER quality in video footage and pictures. Android however lacks appearance and awesomeness!!! Get an iPhone 5 if you can!

Why android is better than iOS?

They have better and notifications and slightly better customization. According to the charts, that has not been enough to please the users though.

Which one is better bada or android?

It depends on what you want for your phone. I think that Android is better. Why? Because it offers you the unique opportunity to personalize your phone, to download a lot of applications... Bada also has some advantages: stability, fluidity and most of Bada Phone are cheap. Hope that this answer is (MORE)

Android vs Apple which is better?

It really comes down to personal preference between an Android device and an iOS based device. Both devices offer touch sentive navigation, have quality app stores, fast Internet browsing, email and navigation. Recently Android based systems pulled ahead of iOS due to larger screen sizes supported b (MORE)

Which camera is better iPhone or android?

The iPhone is a device. Android is an operating system, it is not a device. It is impossible to compare hardwares between a device and an operating system. However, you can compare the camera applications. Well, here is the strong points of the iPhone's camera application: 1. HDR 2. Panorama (MORE)

How android is better than java?

This is not really a good comparison. It's like asking if a telephone is better than a TV. OK, well Android is an operating system, based on Linux (similar to Unix). Java is a programming language - a set of rules that programmers use to create the programs (apps). The operating system controls the (MORE)

What is better android games or java games?

Neither Java nor "Android" games are "better" in any sense; Android games run on Android (but not other systems), while Java games run on other systems (but not Android). The actual quality of the software depends on the software developers, game designers, and so on, not the tool being used.

What is better android or iOS?

It depends what you are looking for. Here are some bullets to help you decide. iOS . high reliability . high customer satisfaction . easy to learn to use . extremely resistant to malware . one unified App Store . one unified Music Store (not including third party apps) . easier to updat (MORE)

Is an android better than a iOS?

Yes, apple has a lot less customisation features than android, android allows you to do a lot more and has a better design. This is coming from someone who used to use apple w u I then found Samsung and now only ever uses android

Which one is better in future php or android?

Android most likely. As long as users keep switching to tablets andmobiles android seems to have an edge. PHP doesn't have thetechnology yet to penetrate the mobile and tablet applicationdevelopment

Is android or apple better?

Yeah, now time the android phone is stand on the fist stage forphones. The apple is not good compare with it high price. While theandroid smartphone use the low price and also buy the some featureapple's phone feature. So, more and more people like buy thesmartphone android phone.