What is better an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?

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I always prefer to go for Samsung galaxy over iPhone as all galaxies being android filled phones are compactable to different applications available. The phone is designed with a simple interface and looks attractive. All galaxies deserve their pricing and are affordable to all users. You can know about different handset device from Samsung India website
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Is Samsung tocco better then iPhone?

Yes, Because if you have heard people say the iphone is a waste of money and there right when you drop it on the floor it breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all samungs are very good! \n. also when i got a samsung tocco and my mate got an iphone at the same time he droped it once and it was badly scratc (MORE)

Which is better iPhone or samsung impression?

Well this controversy has been up for some time. The iphone has great apps and is fun to play with. But dont let that flashy toy trick you. It is hard to text on though some say you get used to it. It also freezes sometimes when getting out of youtube. The impression has great vivid screen and a fas (MORE)

Is the iPhone or samsung impression better?

Well, I have had both and I would say the iPhone 3g s. The impression is nice and texting is soo cool (there are four ways to text) but it wouldn't always send text messages and I would have to turn it off and back on. Some people say the iPhone is hard to text on but once you have it for a couple d (MORE)

Is HTC desire better then Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung galaxy s vs Htc desire Well, both samsung galaxy s and htc desire are very good smartphones but which ones better, I know! Size The samsung galaxy s has a 4" super amoled touchscreen display that is very bright and clear. The htc desire has has a 3.7" amoled touchscreen display but t (MORE)

Which is better iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

Depending on what one's looking for in a phone, what operating system one like and what model of the iPhone and Galaxy. Key Specifications: iPhone 5 2G, 3G, 4G Micro Sim 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in) 112 g (3.95 oz) LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 640 x (MORE)

What phone is better the iphone or the Samsung Galaxy S?

Samsung galaxy s is better because there are more games and theres just one of them so when you go out and buy a iphone and then the next day there is another one comming out and then your a tad jelous and samsung galaxy s is like the i phone but better.

What is better HTC wildfire or Samsung Galaxy?

Well, if you take a close look, you'll see that the Galaxy S has a bigger resolutin (plus three milimeters), but in the rest, belive me, HTC it's way better. HTC it's better than Samsung! Well, talking about phones, HTC Incredible it's better than iPhone 3G from A to Z. HTC incredible was compared w (MORE)

What is better iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab is not directly in competition with the iPad; it's a smaller tablet meant to fill the niche between smartphones and the standard 10.1" tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an Android tablet running Android 3.x Honeycomb. It is an excellent alternative to an iPad, (MORE)

How can you transfer contacts from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Contact information that had been stored on an iPhone can be transferred to a Samsung Galaxy Tab by first transferring the data stored in the iPhone to an exchange account, set up through a website such as Google. Once the account has been set up and all data from the iPhone can be then transferred (MORE)

Which is better Samsung Galaxy mini or galaxy fit?

Samsung galaxy MINI is lots of better, in my opinion->so don't please start complaining. Everyone has their own opinions. Mini is better, because it's small and cute (fits everywhere). It has a good camera, although fit has 5 mp and mini 3.

What is good iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2?

Galaxy s2 is 100 times better than the iphone 42. Yes I would say the Samsung galaxy s2 I have one and it has more utilities in it and also it really easy to download apps by the Android market. It has an extremely good camera and zoom. The screen is large and the phone is very light and slim

Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 better than the iPhone 4S?

No!Both are good, but iPhone 4s is better. Here is a list of good and bad things about them: Galaxy SII Good Bad Fast More for work and buisness than Thin entertainment Pretty good battery Not as good software as iPhone Good phone all round iPhone 4s Good Bad Ios 5-very fast Phone (MORE)

How do you get free apps on the Samsung Galaxy 2 like an iPhone?

Just like you jailbreak in iphones, you don't have to jailbreak in galaxy s2 or any android device. Use apk file format for android. Apk is used for android devices to get paid apps for free. For example, if you want the game 'cut the rope,' type in google search, "cut the rope.apk" and selec (MORE)

What is better iPhone 4S or Galaxy Note?

In my opinion, Galaxy Note is way better than iPhone 4s Because, it has much larger screen and LTE connection. Also, making note with touch pen is really useful.

What phone is better iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s2?

When talking about the phone itself, as in the structure of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy is more firm and strong eg. the screen doesn't break (usually) like when dropping an iPhone 4. On the other hand the iPhone 4 is better in speed and available apps from the Apple App Store.

Is Samsung Galaxy Note better than Samsung Galaxy nexus?

It depends upon your needs. The Samsung Galaxy Note blends both a smartphone as well as a tablet, which has since coined the phrase "phablets" for phones of this size (5.29 inch display on the Note on up). It comes with an "S Pen" stylus and can be utilized at its fullest extent on apps that are esp (MORE)

What is better the Samsung Galaxy w or the Samsung Galaxy s?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has got to be the best. It's the latest Galaxy on the market and includes great smart features like voice commands (such as a voice snooze command and voice-activated phone answering). The design also trumps the other Samsung Galaxy models - sleek, stylish and slim!

Which phone is better Samsung galaxy s3 or iPhone 4S?

, Samsung Galaxy S 3 is better phone because there are a lot of things that you can on Samsung phones than iphone and apart from this according to current market people are moving to Samsung because if it features and durability.

What is better Samsung Galaxy ace or blackberry?

well, i have a samsung galaxy ace and its great for apps, games and any other things like that, it has a good camera, and internet browsing. but my mate has a blackberry curve 9320 and he likes it to. blackberrys are great for texting and emails but not great for games and stuff like that.blackberry (MORE)

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3?

Technically, it's an opinion. But if you search 'iPhone 5 and samsung galaxy s3 drop test' on YouTube and you will see the samsung galaxy s3 had more cracks from being dropped from the top three most common heights of dropping phones. The iPhone 5 got a few scratches but didn't crack and was barely (MORE)

What phone is better iPhone 5 or samsung galaxy s3?

The Galaxy S3 because it has a bigger screen, longer battery life, and easier to use. Therefore, the Galaxy S3 is better. I have nothing against the Iphone. It is a good phone and durable. But in the end the Galaxy is better.

Is iPhone 5 or Samsung s3 better?

samsung galaxy s3 MORE I have had both phones and now an IPhone . The two phones are basically the same. I compared the two. CNET has a chart showing functions of each phone. The cost is the biggest difference. I got the Apple and love it. This surprises me since I have been a Samsung fan with phone (MORE)

Why Samsung is better than iPhone?

IPhone Is the winner for best internal speaker. Samsung Galaxy S5Is the winner for fingerprint scanners. iPhone 6 has superiorstorage. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best performance. IPhone 6 hasthe best camera and price.

Should you buy the Iphone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Whether you should buy the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 depends on what you are looking for in a phone and whether you want an Android or an iOS phone. A salesperson at the cell phone store can help you in making a decision

Do iPhone headphones work on the samsung galaxy s4?

While the iPhone headphones will transmit sound when used with a Samsung Galaxy S4, the buttons on the headphones to adjust volume and advance the tracks will not function. If this functionality is important to you, you will need to purchase a pair of headphones that is more compatible with the Sam (MORE)

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s4?

I have the S4, and I love it. If you want convenience (back andmenu button, air gesture and view, google now, adapt sound) thenthe Samsung is a better choice. However, if you want a phone thatis pretty, has a better voice assistant, better battery life, andmore available RAM, get the iPhone.

Which is better Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro or Samsung Galaxy S5?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is a tablet, while the SamsungGalaxy S5 is a smartphone. Until the Galaxy Tab S came along, theTab Pro was considered the flagship tablet device by Samsung. TheGalaxy S5 is currently Samsung's smartphone flagship, but there isreportedly a more premium version of the (MORE)

What is better the Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5s?

Whether an 'Android' or 'iOs' phone is better is a matter of opinion and personal tastes. I would personally say that the iPhone is better, mostly because the Android is very large and is hard to carry around, although some would say that the Android is small. The Android is actually very unsafe a (MORE)

What is better iPhone 6 or Samsung galaxy 6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 : 6.9mm thick, 138g, aluminiumunibody and glass panel, White Pearl/Black Sapphire/GoldPlatinum/Blue Topaz iPhone 6 : 6.9mm thick, 129g, anodised aluminiumback, Space Grey/Silver/Gold You can pick by yourself by looking at the description, but ipersonally think iphone 6

What is better iPhone or Samsung?

Got a coin? Flip it. Tails, Samsung is better; heads, the iPhone is. No, seriously, there are only trivial differences these days between Android and iOS. Pick one. (I have both. There isn't enough difference to talk about.) The bigger question is, which carrier? There's more difference between t (MORE)