What is better an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?

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I always prefer to go for Samsung galaxy over iPhone as all galaxies being android filled phones are compactable to different applications available. The phone is designed with a simple interface and looks attractive. All galaxies deserve their pricing and are affordable to all users. You can know about different handset device from Samsung India website
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Which is better iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

Depending on what one's looking for in a phone, what operating system one like and what model of the iPhone and Galaxy. Key Specifications: iPhone 5 2G, 3G, 4G Micro Sim

What phone is better the iphone or the Samsung Galaxy S?

Samsung galaxy s is better because there are more games and theres just one of them so when you go out and buy a iphone and then the next day there is another one comming out

Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 better than the iPhone 4S?

No!Both are good, but iPhone 4s is better. Here is a list of good and bad things about them: Galaxy SII Good Bad Fast More for work and buisness than Thin entertainmen

What phone is better iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s2?

When talking about the phone itself, as in the structure of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy is more firm and strong eg. the screen doesn't break (usually) like when dropping an
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Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3?

Technically, it's an opinion. But if you search 'iPhone 5 and samsung galaxy s3 drop test' on YouTube and you will see the samsung galaxy s3 had more cracks from being dropped