What is better for HD gaming Component cables or an HDMI cable?

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Component Cables should be used only when an HDMI connection is not available. You made the question harder to answer by making your component cables higher quality sounding than you did the HDMI. Good cables are felt to be important and there are poor quality HDMI cable that cost more to ship than to purchase. There are even 3D quality HDMI cables now being sold. Actually most gaming will not require the technology that is required in a Blu Ray 3D disc connected to a top of the line 3D HDTV to watch a movie on your PlayStation 3
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Is HDMI a better cable than ones currently in use?

Answer . HDMI is currently the best way to transmit audio and video in a home theater. However, be aware that it can have difficulties in long-distance runs. . HDMI . HDMI carries digital video from 480i to 1080p. It can carry 24Hz video, the original framerate of cinema material. (For the (MORE)

Do you need a HDMI cable from each video component to go through your receiver to your tv?

Hdmi carries audio and video. You will have to connect every component to the receiver that you wish to have the audio portion routed to your surround sound or stereo system. As for the picture you can route from the component straight to the TV if you are only using the TV as a monitor. You will st (MORE)

What is an hdmi cable?

An HDMI cable connects digital audio/video devices to each other sothat data can be transmitted from one device to the other. Forexample, a DIRECTV receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray™ Disc player, orsimilar device, to an HDTV. It allows the transmission of bothaudio and video data over a single cabl (MORE)

What are HDMI cables?

An HDMI cable connects digital audio/video devices to each other sothat data can be transmitted from one device to the other. Forexample, a DIRECTV receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray™ Disc player, orsimilar device, to an HDTV. It allows the transmission of bothaudio and video data over a single cabl (MORE)

Why are HDMI cables better than component cables?

HDMI cables are not better than component cables. They are different and the HDMI interface provides features that are not available on analog component interfaces. HDMI absolutely does not automatically result in better quality images. HDMI carries a component signal for television. It's often th (MORE)

Can you get HD from a PS3 without HDMI cables?

Yes with Propriatary Sony Component Cables. Here's a Link. http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=802600 PS3 has a HDMI output that can take the PS3 HDMI combo A/V cable that comes with the console when purchased and is used for standard 480 TVs or you can use an optional PS3 Component a (MORE)

Do you need a HDMI cable to play PS3 on a HD TV?

In order for the PS3 to work best on a HDTV you need to have or purchase either an HDMI or a component AV cable and connect the PS3 to the HDTV. The PS3 will play on a HDTV when it is connected with the AV cable that was provided, but it will not be in HD

Why is HDMI better than composite cable?

\nHDMI is a digital video interface for domestic equipment and was developed to handle high definition signals as well as standard definition. The signals carried on an HDMI cable can contain far more information than a composite signal allows and therefore the resulting image quality is higher. \ (MORE)

Is it vital to have a high speed HDMI cable for your HD TV?

\nThere are several different specifications for HDMI and more will follow in the future. Each of the specifications provide for certain data rates and the higher the data rate, the higher the resolution can be. HDMI cables are also rated for different data rates. However, it is not quite as simp (MORE)

Which is the best HDMI cable for Playstation 3 to samsung 1080p hd tv?

You do not need or want the best. You do not have the best HDTV and even if you did the new models coming out would soon be better. I purchased a Sony flat HDMI cable because Walmart was out of the PS3 cable. Amazon has a retail $69.99 Sony PS3 HDMI USB 2.0 Cable Pack for $34.96 on January 22 2012 f (MORE)

Is an HDmi cable needed for an HD DVD player to view HD DVD's?

\nAlmost all HD outputs from receivers and DVD players are now HDMI based. The connector supports a standard high definition interface that is accepted internationally and is also compatible with DVI (the digital computer display interface). Other digital and analog HD interfaces are now almost un (MORE)

Is S video cable better than component cable?

No. S-video uses two signals - one for luminance (the brightness) and the other for all color information. The color information is actually two signals that are encoded into a single wire. Component uses three signals. The luminance is the same as S-video but the other two are used for color info (MORE)

Do you have to have an HDMI cable to have HD on your PS3 or can you connect it into the HDMI component on my TV?

No, to play your ps3 in HD you must have a HDMI cable. Nowadays they are going really cheap Amazon America= $7.99 Amazon UK= £4.99-£9.99 Hope t helps You can connect it to the HD component on your HDTV with no problem. Sony PS3 accessories even sell the cable for just that purpose. PS (MORE)

Can a PS3 work in HD without HDMI cable?

No while the graphics are better than a PS2's without a HDMI cable You will still need one to play in HD. You can use a PS3 component cable to connect your HDTV to the PS3 and they are sold at Target.com, Walmart.com, Best Buy, and a number of other store. Instead of a single RCA video plug that (MORE)

Are HDmi cables needed to watch HD tv?

With all domestic equipment on sale now, HDMI cables are needed to watch HD content from external receivers or Bluray players. Although early HD televisions had HD analog component inputs, they won't be found on new equipment. HDMI supports a copy protection system known as HDCP. This prevents the (MORE)

Are more expensive HDMI cables better?

Ah the famous argument. This debate has two sides, audio/videophiles and marketing teams on one hand, and practically everyone else on the other. I worked in consumer electronics for 5 years using everything from Radio Shack wires to Monster Cable Sigma with a price tag that would singe your eyebrow (MORE)

Is there adapters for component cables to HDMI cables?

Analog component signals are completely different to digital HDMI. There is no simple adaptor cable because the analog signals require processing to convert to digital. There are converter units that will perform the processing as dedicated converters but it may also be possible to use other equipme (MORE)

Is every HDMI cable the same?

Technically YES! It's a digital cable so will either work, or it won't. The only difference between a $200 cable from a big box store or a cheap cable from Amazon is the build quality. I just dont see paying hundreds of dollars for a cable that looks nice. I have used LOTS of cheap (

Are HDMI cables better than component cables?

HDMI is the current standard for HD signals and supports all HD formats as well as SD formats. There is also a standard for analog component cables to carry HD and is an equivalent quality to HDMI. However, the ability to encrypt signals on an HDMI interface means that it is the only domestic HD int (MORE)

Are HDMI cables better than fiber optic?

It depends entirely on the application. To see video in HD from a player with an HDMI output and no optical output, then HDMI is the best choice as optical cables won't work. HD video signals are output almost exclusively via HDMI now. Optical interfaces aren't available other than as a converted s (MORE)

What Is better full HD or HDmi?

HDMI and HD are different things. HD is a standard for television display resolutions. The highest resolution available at present is 1080 lines by 1920 pixels. HDMI is a cable interface used to connect sources such as cable and satellite receivers, DVD players and Bluray players to televisions. H (MORE)

Do you need both HD and HDMI cables for HD quality?

You need an HD-capable display to see HD. You may not need an HDMI cable to watch in HD quality, if your source has the ability to display 1080i video through component video cables. All new Blu-Ray players coming out now have been changed so that HDMI is the only way to get high-definition (1080i o (MORE)

What cables do not support HD signals HDmi component dvi composite?

HDMI and DVI are both interfaces that have specific cables and both support HD video. Component and composite both refer to methods of encoding information to represent a moving image and they are not types of cable. Equipment will often have connectors for composite or component inputs and outputs (MORE)

Which HDMI cable is most recommendable for gaming?

HDMI cables are all designed and manufactured to a standard set out by the HDMI organization. The specification states minimum standards for performance and as long as the cable meets those standards, it will carry a signal with no data loss. This is one of the features of a digital signal. Althoug (MORE)

Can you use a HDmi cable on a HD ready tv?

You look at the back of a HDTV or HD ready TV to determine what input plugs exist. You can also use the owners manual. Normally an HD ready TV is an older model that does not have an HD turner for the HD Television broadcasts and does mot has HDMI inputs and instead has the 5 RCA Plug component conn (MORE)

Can i use component cables for HD?

Once upon a time there was such a thing as HD component signals. They were analog, used three wires and carried HD signals in the same way that SD component signals were carried. Today, we have HDMI. This is the digital version of component, includes audio and other signals and comes in a convenien (MORE)

Which is better 1.3 hdmi cable or 1.4 hdmi cable?

There is no difference in the picture quality. You simply need to purchase the cable for the application that you have. If you have a normal Blu-Ray, HDTV and Cable or Satellite HD receiver, a HDMI 1.3 cable is the right type. For 3D televisions, purchase a 1.4 cable.

Is HDMI cable better than a dvi-d cable and if so how?

HDMI is better because it can send digital audio on the same cable, is a smaller connector (more portable) and can support 3D. DVI is better because it has a locking connector, can support both analog and digital video and does not need to support digital rights management, so can be easily split, c (MORE)

Does component cable support HD?

Yes it does. Analog component interfaces are fully capable of handling HD. . However, HMDI has become the accepted standard for HD in domestic equipment. It is supported by the manufacturing and production industries for several reasons such as protection of copyright material and royalty receipt (MORE)

Is it true that HDMI cables provide the best quality HD picture because the audio and video connections is in the same cable?

There is no truth in the statement. HDMI is an interface that carries digital audio and video signals. The image quality is dependent entirely on the quality and resolution of the signal that is delivered to the HDMI port by the video source. The HDMI connectors and cable carry that signal to the r (MORE)

Where can you buy HDMI to component cables?

HDMI to component cables can be purchased from any retail outlet that sells audio and visual accessories. Outlets such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and ABC Warehouse sell such items as these.

What does a HDMI to HDMI cable do?

The main function of an HDMI to HDMI cable is to make it possible for a television in order to make it possible to watch HD television. HDMI cables can be purchased at places like Amazon.

Where can you get an hdmi cable?

You can find them in lots of places.I get them in Home Depot.Insome places you can buy them for $100.HDMI cables can be expansivebut some are really cheap to get.If you get hdmi cables forminecraft xbox 360 edition and you want to play with a friend onsplit screen,use the hdmi cable to get better re (MORE)