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What is better for baking cookies baking soda or baking powder?

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It depends on what finished product you want.

Leavening systems are a balance of a "Bicarbonate base" and a "Phosphate" acid. Baking powder has both Base and Acid which produces a supply of carbon dioxide to give the cookie a aerated fluffy texture. However the reaction is a neutralisation reaction and will leave the dough neutral.

Baking soda is only the base (Sodium Bicarbonate) and without the acid gives a very limited supply of gas and will leave the cookie dough alkaline.

Baking powder cookies will give a more crumbly "biscuit" texture, and baking soda will help to give a "chewy" american cookie texture.

Baking soda is generally used at about 0.5% on flour weight
Baking powder is generally used at 3% or use self raising flour
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