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What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

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How can things get both better and worse?

Because people have different values --different ideas of what is good and bad-- they could view any particular change differently. An example might be the benefit of rain--

Computers have changed things for the better or for the worse?

You have to make your opinion about the subject. To some it has made things better because we have a place where we can storage tons and tons of information. But also, some se

The worst democracy is better than the best military rule?

I would say not really. But the bad democracy can progress where as the military rule will most likely become a terrible dictatorship and the democracy would (obviously) be be

What does you blocks you stones you worse than senseless things mean?

It was spoken by a fan of Pompey, who was defeated by Julius Caesar. When Caeser marched through Rome as victor, the speech was aimed at all those who were cheering Caesar ins

What is the word for when you remember things better than they were?

self delusion, wishful thinking nostalgia sometimes, selective memory loss or motivated forgetting Answer I don't know what the word is for this but I do know that is a
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What are the best and worst things about moving?

Well I moved months ago and I didn't want to leave I had friends there and places to camp out and shoot my brother we had this cool stream with a bridge we made the bridge it