What is boots off of flavor of love doing now?

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shes preggo & iz married

^^The person above needs to not rush their typing...

For people who can't read that, she is pregnant and married.
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What is the Flavor of Love?

Answer . its a dating tv show.. it comes on MTV, basically its bout this guy called "FLAVA FLAV" n he is living with loads of girls who have to complete tasks to win his he

Why is flavor flav doing flavor of love 3?

For the money, he broke Deelishis' heart my breaking up with her over the phone and never calling her again. He already has a relationship with his most recent baby mother, an

What is DOS boot sequence?

AS DOS boot sequence is the series of steps your computer takeswhen it is turned on. Once the DOS boot sequence has beencompleted, the start up activities then go into action.
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How do you boot system with dos?

If you have a DOS boot disk you can boot from that. In Windows you can make the CD drive bootable or install DOS on a bootable thumb drive, etc.
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What is Courtney Love doing now?

Don't know. Since kurt died what is courtney doing with her life now. I know the devil is very happy with her.he's just waiting to get her soul!