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What is buildermans real name?

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Joe Carraz made it up but David Bazuki is the one who created roblox

(aka builderman)
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You were first discovered at a hair salon in Chicago. What's the story there? Did you ever imagine your dreams would come true while getting your haircut?

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When did builderman create roblox?

The Roblox.com domain was registered in January of 2004, which could indicate the time when Roblox was first created. Builderman himself did not create Roblox, there were many (MORE)

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What is renesmee's real name in real life?

Renesmee is a fictional character. (Twilight is a work of fiction, so its characters are too.) She is not real, so therefore there is no "name in real life" for her. HOWEVER, (MORE)

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What is the real name of L in real life?

his name is japnese voice actor(cartoon):Kappei Yamaguchi english voice(cartoon):Alessandro Juliani live movie japan:Kenichi Matsuyama english movie:alessandro juliani hope th (MORE)

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What is sonny real name in real life?

sonny real name in real life is Debbi. but in on the show sonny is middle name ailson is her real name on the show everyboy justs calls her sonny.   are you talking about s (MORE)