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Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass are cereal grasses. The oat grass is widely cultivated for its edible seeds. Our popular breakfast oat cereals and wheat cereals are made from the seeds of these plants! The wheat grass is also widely cultivated for its commercially important grain. Athletes and other health conscious people have made juicing the wheat grass very popular. They drink the wheat juice for its high concentrated levels of vitamins and minerals. However, there is yet no scientific proof that a cat is capable of extracting nutrients from ingesting plants, while there is extensive proof that they are purely carnivorous and derive all of their necessary vitamins from eating meat.

When the oat seed or wheat seed is planted it produces beautiful, healthy green blades rich in chlorophyll (a natural breath freshener), antioxidants (helps fights cancer), vitamins, minerals and amino acids. While this may be healthy for humans, it is not known or proven whether it has any benefit for cats. It is also known that certain plant products can be very harmful to cats; in the case of cat grass, it may be better for a cat to avoid eating mature cat grass, because the oats it produces can damage their digestive tract. Immature cat grass seems to pose no harmful effects.

Among the possible explanations for why cats enjoy eating grass, here are a few that are commonly postulated, but as yet unproven (except perhaps for the fourth one):
1.) Aids in a healthy digestion, and helps move hairballs along. Instead of coughing up the hairball, the hairball is more likely to be passed through your cat's digestive system.
2.) Great source of fiber (roughage) in your cat's diet.
3.) Contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural substance that makes grass green and acts as a natural breath freshener for your cat.
4.) Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass taste great to your cat.

Best of all, Cat Grass Seeds are very easy to grow.
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Is mondo grass you purchase at a nursery ok for cats to eat?

Actually, since cats are carnivores, eating any vegetation isn't good for cats. But cats tend to eat grass and other vegetation to purposely irritate their stomachs so they can throw up hair they've ingested while grooming themselves. This is why hairballs that have been coughed up by cats normally (MORE)

Why do cats eat grass?

Cats eat grass to to improve their digestion. Primarily, they consume it so as to regurgitate undigested foods, which may otherwise cause a blockage when traveling through their bodies.

Do cats eat grass?

Yes cats do eat grass. in fact, one of my cats threw up grass in our house!

Is Timothy-grass poisonous to cats?

Timothy-grass and Cats . I wouldn't think so.. No. Timothy-grass (Phleum pratense) is actually considered good fodder for horses. It doesn't present any hazards for cats.

Can cats eat cat grass?

Yes, but cats only eat grass in order to help them vomit and clean out their stomach. Cats are carnivores, so grass provides them with nothing nutrition-wise.

Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

Dogs eat grass usually to settle their upset stomach, it will help them vomit. It is a perfectly natural behavior. Don't worry too much about them eating grass but be aware there could be an underlying disorder. In addition, too much vomitting and prolonged stomach upset can lead to dangerous levels (MORE)

Why did your cat vomit after eating cat grass?

Because your cat is trying to empty its digestive system. Another way to empty out stomach. Answer improvement: Dogs and cats will eat grass when their stomach is feeling inflammed and they are experiencing a bout of gastritis. Usually is not a concern but sometimes a gastritis may develop into (MORE)

Why does your cat eat grass?

cats eat grass because something in the grass makes them throw up, which clears their throat of hair balls. they DO NOT lick the grass for water. they would dehydrate.

Can people eat cat grass?

Yes, but they would have little nutritional benefit from it as it is too hard for the human intestinal system to digest.

Why do cats and dogs eat grass?

Why Are My Dogs or Cats Eating Grass? So your beloved dog or cat is clearly acting like a cow and you are totally confused to why you just witnessed your dog or cat eating grass. Thinking to yourself, you begin to wonder.. Is he hungry? Bored? or Sick? Rest assured that you're not alone in your c (MORE)

Is it okay for cats to eat grass?

It is OK for cats to eat grass. I have a cat and she loves grass. It helps cats to get the fur out of their stomach. When they lick themselves, they swallow it.

Do cats eat birds fish and grass?

Well, it is completely natural for a cat to eat a bird. Cats, even our pet cats, are natural hunters and perfectly capable of safely eating a bird as that is what they have evolved to eat, amongst other small animals. Such small animals are easy to hunt and catch, and due to the size of the prey, ev (MORE)

How tall can cat grass grow?

It can grow to be up to six or eight inches, but is usually mown down to about one inch by the cats eating it.

How does cat grass help cats?

Cat grass is ingested when the cat has a upset stomach, or otherwise feels it needs to cleanse the stomach. Cats will eat grass to help them vomit up anything that is in their stomach and causing them discomfort. Cat grass does not offer any nutrition to a cat.

How much grass do cats eat?

Cats do not generally eat grass, so there is no right or wrong answer to your question. If there is an individual cat eating grass, your best bet would be to observe it to find out how much grass it eats.

Is cat grass healthy for cats and if so what are the benefits?

some people use the terms kitty grass and catnip interchangeably. However, in this instance, kitty grass refers to the shoots of grains such as rye, oats, barley, and wheat that are grown to be fed to cats. So.. yes the benefits are: Even though cats are primarily meat eaters, they do like to nibble (MORE)

When a cat eats grass does it mean their sick?

It seems to be a pretty normal behaviour in both cats and dogs, and they're certainly not always sick when they do this. Probably they just like to eat some veggies. In case anyone's reading this and cares..."their" means "belonging to them"; if you mean "they are" the contraction is "they're" :-)

What makes a cat more hyper catnip or cat grass?

Catnip is what will make your cat hyper. Catnip affects the majority of cats like a drug (some refuse to eat it or are unaffected by it.) Cat grass is also known as wheat grass and it is eaten by cats for roughage; many owners use it indoors so their cats won't eat their house plants. Some cat (MORE)

Is cat grass okay for cats to eat?

Yes. it is called cat grass for that very reason. it helps themdigest foods easier and if they vomit don't worry, that's good forthe cat. cat grass helps their stomach. Cat grass is good for cats.

Where do you get cat grass?

Cats don't necessarily need special cat grass; cats like the grass that grows in your front yard just as much.

How do you feed a cat - cat grass?

Go to a pet store and get some cat grass, then put it in an open pot and set it someplace where your cat would normally visit (not like its bed or anything like that). Find your cat and call it over, and let it approach the plant by itself. As soon as the cat is captivated by it, quietly leave and w (MORE)

Where does cat grass grow?

Pretty much anywhere. Cat grass is a mixture of common grasses, the most common one in the mix is usually oats. The usual sorts of grass grown on lawns is often too sharp-edged for cats to enjoy eating.

How can you keep cats and dogs off of grass?

I don't know why you would want to keep them off the grass except after poisons are put on the lawn to save the grass. Where would they walk if you had no sidewalk to get to the street? and why would you worry about grass in general? Animals love to roll in the green grass and relax as humans do. ju (MORE)

Where is the best location to plant cat grass seeds?

Cat grass can be planted almost anywhere; the cat grass seedling kits are ideal for being grown indoors or in the off-season. They can be planted in areas that receive minimal or moderate amount of sunlight and will start sprouting within a week of being planted.

What kind of grass is in the Chia cat grass?

The type of seeds that come in chia pets are called salvia hispanica or 'chia'. They are mostly found in Mexico or Guatemala and have some health benefits if you eat the seed.

How much water does cat grass need?

Cat grass needs a moderate amount of water. Check the soil with your finger and water it when it feels dry. Use some liquid plant food once a month.

What will repel dogs and cats from my grass?

I believe there are products you can buy from pet stores that willhumanely repel unwanted cats and dogs. Or you could sprinkle theground with powdered white pepper, but the pepper would needreplacing after heavy rain. I would try a pet store, or search andbuy online.