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Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass are cereal grasses. The oat grass is widely cultivated for its edible seeds. Our popular breakfast oat cereals and wheat cereals are made from the seeds of these plants! The wheat grass is also widely cultivated for its commercially important grain. Athletes and other health conscious people have made juicing the wheat grass very popular. They drink the wheat juice for its high concentrated levels of vitamins and minerals. However, there is yet no scientific proof that a cat is capable of extracting nutrients from ingesting plants, while there is extensive proof that they are purely carnivorous and derive all of their necessary vitamins from eating meat.

When the oat seed or wheat seed is planted it produces beautiful, healthy green blades rich in chlorophyll (a natural breath freshener), antioxidants (helps fights cancer), vitamins, minerals and amino acids. While this may be healthy for humans, it is not known or proven whether it has any benefit for cats. It is also known that certain plant products can be very harmful to cats; in the case of cat grass, it may be better for a cat to avoid eating mature cat grass, because the oats it produces can damage their digestive tract. Immature cat grass seems to pose no harmful effects.

Among the possible explanations for why cats enjoy eating grass, here are a few that are commonly postulated, but as yet unproven (except perhaps for the fourth one):
1.) Aids in a healthy digestion, and helps move hairballs along. Instead of coughing up the hairball, the hairball is more likely to be passed through your cat's digestive system.
2.) Great source of fiber (roughage) in your cat's diet.
3.) Contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a natural substance that makes grass green and acts as a natural breath freshener for your cat.
4.) Cat Oat Grass and Cat Wheat Grass taste great to your cat.

Best of all, Cat Grass Seeds are very easy to grow.
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How do you feed a cat - cat grass?

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Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

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What does it mean when a cat eats grass?

Cats usually eat grass when they have some form of abdominal pain. The same is with dogs. It should be ok, it's the way cats cure themselves.

Can people eat cat grass?

  Yes, but they would have little nutritional benefit from it as it is too hard for the human intestinal system to digest.

Can cats eat cat grass?

Yes, but cats only eat grass in order to help them vomit and clean out their stomach. Cats are carnivores, so grass provides them with nothing nutrition-wise.

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While mainly carnivorous, certain grasses, such as rye grass do aid in the digestive process. Some even eat it for pleasure.

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How does cat grass help cats?

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Is cat grass okay for cats to eat?

Yes. it is called cat grass for that very reason. it helps them  digest foods easier and if they vomit don't worry, that's good for  the cat. cat grass helps their stomach.

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