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chain surveying is the branch of surveying in which only linear measurement are made in field. none of angular measurement are taken.
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Types of systematic errors in chain surveying?

Wind will affect the length of the (Gunters) chain. Wear and tear and dirt are other sources of error. The tension in the chain must be within narrow limits - too much and the

Surveying chaining instruments?

A chaining instrument is one used to measure the straight line distance between two points by comparing the distance to a known lenght. In past times a chain of known link dis

What are the Advantages of traverse surveying over chain surveying?

In ancient Rome, the stage area in front of the scaenae frons was known as the "proscenium", meaning "in front of the scenery". In the Roman theater, no proscenium arch existe

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chain surveying?

Advantages of chain: 1) They can be read easily and quickly 2)They can withstand wear and tear 3) They can be easily repaired in the field Disadvantages of chain: 1) They are

How many types of chain in chain survey?

There were several versions of measuring chains in history, but the most popular for the last 400 years was the Gunter's chain, measuring 66 feet, having 100 links. The 66-foo

What are the obstacles to chain surveying?

Those are disturbing the line of measuring is called Obstacles. The actual length of the chain is become short or some time long. this error factor are removed by calculation
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What is tie line in chain survey?

A tie line is a line which joins subsidiary or tie stations to the  main line. The main object of running a tie line is to take the  details of nearby objects but it also se

What is the importance of base line in chain surveying?

This term is often used in Chain Surveying, The longest of the chain lines formed in doing a survey is generally regarded as the base line. It is the most important line in do

What is the principles of chain survey?

Type your answer here... It is the method of land surveying in which only linear measurements are made. Chain surveying requires chain, tape and ranging rods. Chain surveying