What is chance number from real chance of love?

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9..not a chance
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Who won real chance of love?

corn fed won real's heart chance did not choose no one because he didnt want to choose between friends for the second real chance of love ................ chance chose hot wingz real chose dollll

Who is older real or chance?

Real and Chance are two brothers who had a few reality shows onVH1. Their real names are Kamal and Ahmad Givens. Real, Ahmad, isthe oldest of the two.

How old are real and chance?

hi! my name is, jazmyne and i would care well enough to know the ages of real and chance if u put thEIR real names then why can't u put their real ageS. thank u very much for YOUR support keep up the good work PLEASE. [PS.i am not a clueless 12 year old i am a good lookin 25 year old mama] thankz] (MORE)

Who are real and chance parents?

I think Real & Chance mother is Indian, father american. I noticed that all three of the boys have Indian feathers, they are very handsome, and I think Hoopz is crazy for not taken Real offer. I think they both could have made it.. Thanks, Toni

Who was the winner of real chance of love?

The final four contestants are Bay,Bay,Bay and Cornfed on Real's side and Cali and Risky on Chance's side. One winner for sure is Risky because Cali is soon to be competiting on I love Money 2. The other winner is probally Cornfed.

Who is left in Real Chance or Love?

first of all its called. REAL CHANCE OF LOVE. and second on. real's side: bay bay bay, corn fed, milf. chance's side: risky, cali, rabbit

Who wins the competition in real chance of love?

Chance & Cali Real & Corn Fed At least that's what ive been hearing and that's what i think. Risky is not good for chance Bay Bay Bay is a pain Cali has a real connection with chance Corn fed is classy and they love each other.

Who does chance pick in the tv show real chance of love?

he didn't pick anyone.. he said he wasn't in love. [like they were in love with him]. he didn't pick anyone.. he said he wasn't in love. [like they were in love. he said he wasn't ready to find love. [ but they were ready to find love.

Who is a transsexual on real chance of love?

Any person's chance at "true love" (or ' twue wuv ' as the cleric says in 'The Princess Bride'**) is pretty slim. A chance at a meaningful relationship is pretty good as long as the person (trans or not): 1) Understands they have as many and as big faults as anyone else around. 2) Knows what a (MORE)

What opinions about the girls on Real Chance of Love?

We went around the state of California and asked people this question. Here are the results.. "Risky is the baddest on the show!" x100. "KO is a little cry baby and she always wants Real to feel sorry for her.". 'Rabbit looks like a man!" x8. "Rabbit is the fakest one on the show.". "So Hood sh (MORE)

Who wins on real chance of love 2?

well honestly i think chance picks hot wings (yehh i loves her but i also like blond baller nut he got rid of her) and i think real picks doll she is pretty!!!!!

Who does real and chance pic on real chance of love 2?

real picks doll and chance picks hot wings. Personally, I think chance should have picked mamacita because she was so fun and care free just like my man chance! they got along together SOooOoOo well and I guess hot wings and him do too but it just isn't as apparent as him and mamacita. i think real (MORE)

Who won real chance of love season 2?

Doll won, or so I believe it was hard to make out the name he said but here's the clip I watched. It's not good quality but if you want to know you want to know. http://youtu.be/L1BGEQVRPSU

Is there a chance that avatar is real?

Yes, there is only 1 way: When you want to go to avatar anywhere, and anytime, then just imagine it in your head. Soon, it will all seem real to you. People may think your a little bit odd, but who cares for a little bit of adventure? Good luck on your adventure, and hopefully, we will meet. oh y (MORE)

Is Ahmad Givens off 'The Real Chance of Love' married?

I would guess not as his MySpace status still says: "...MY DIVINE MATE WILL BE REVEALED TO ME IN THE DIVINE WAY AT THE DIVINE TIME. ..". Other than that there's little info to be found on the internet at this time.

What are the chances of a love spell working?

ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would probably work, but the final outcome would be heart-wrenching. It is only good for temporary pleasures of flesh, and in the long run, you wouldn't get the happiness of life. Ancient Indian mystics advices that love spells could be used sparingly, within the marria (MORE)

Who greyson chance love?

Greyson is currently single and doesn't have any interest in any girls. Before he was famous, he did have a bit of a love life, dating girls named Lauren, Chyenne, and Morgan. He mentioned that he would date a fan if they were the right one. But right now, Greyson isn't in a relationship and doesn't (MORE)

Is greyson chance real?

Greyson Chance is the real deal. His voice is not fake and there is barely if not any act hes playing with the media.

What is the chance that a celebrity will love you?

Well first you have to be pretty maybe between a 7-10. Also you have to have a great personality. If you meet the celeb don't be all over excited because you will embarrassing yourself. If you start a conversation take interest in what they like. GOOD LUCK!

Is there a chance vampires are real?

Given all of the fokelore on it. Yes, but over the last 100 or so years, if they are real they have been very careful to hide themselves. Or fit in. But if they were real they would have started many rumours about themselves to scare away people so the stereotypes of being scared of garlic and cross (MORE)