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Child rearing is just another term for raising children, bringing up children.

I would like to add that it is not just the basic food, shelter, clothing triad that keeps children alive, but also the active moulding of character, personality, talents, and emotional and physical well-being of the child.
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What is child rearing practices?

Child rearing practices are things parents can do to help raise  great children. Many psychologist and sociologist have developed  techniques that work with children.

Importance of child rearing?

Childrearing is important in bringing up a child,as it is said in the bible teach your child in the way he should go so he shall give you rest when he grows

What are the child rearing practices of Filipinos?

Filipinos raise their children according to Filipino values and culture. Most likely, parents prefer to nurture the child by themselves instead of leaving them to formal child

How can you rear your child in a good way?

am i correct in that your question is how to raise up a child in a good way? I know the answer to that one. Raise up any child in the knowledge that God IS and God loves him/h

What are the child rearing practices?

It depends on what context your question is truly being asked. Rearing of a child in what? culture? religion?, politics? there are just way to many posabilities. Narrow your q

What is effective child rearing?

Effective child rearing is an ongoing process. You stay the course every second of your life by keeping love and patience at the forefront. In the beginning, you treat the bab