What is climax in the lottery ticket by Anton Chekhov?

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The climax of this short story happens when Ivan, the protagonist finally finds out that they haven't won the lottery ticket, thus all their fantasies collapsed.
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A summary on the marriage proposal by Anton Chekhov?

Stepan Stepanovitch Tschubukov and Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov were neighbours in a village. Natalia Stepanovna was the daughter of Tschubukov. Lomov a man of thirty five wanted to marry. He thought Natalia was good at farm work and she was not bad looking. So he came to the house of Tschubukov one even (MORE)

Criticisms on Lament the short story by Anton Chekhov?

To be honest, the short story Lament has no 'criticisms' as such, if taken in the right sense of the word. One could, however, critically appreciate the short story. It's only possible flaw would be that some readers are only capable of sympathizing with the character, and not empathizing, whic (MORE)

Analysis of the bet by Anton Chekhov?

"The Bet" emphasizes the idea that the life of a human is far more valuable than money. In the short story "The Bet a wager is made that changes the lives of two people. The story begins with a argument at a party over which is more moral, capital punishment or life imprisonment. The banker believes (MORE)

What does the character of the short story the 'Lament' by Anton Chekhov want to do?

We would all agree that the very reason for the creation of emotion was to express it. Undeniably again, one thing worth calling an exclusive and most unique quality of a human is his ability to express emotions. Iona, the protagonist in the story, whose son has died just a week ago is desperately l (MORE)

Theme of the ninny by Anton chekhov?

In point of view, the suitable theme for this story is "Authority" because the writer, Anton Chekhov, controls the governess, Yulia, who is a symbol of submissive and nitwit people in Chekhov's society. Additional_to_that,_one_can_consider_ %22submission _ as_another_theme_for_the_story ."> Add (MORE)

Is Anton Chekhov a great short story writer?

I find him clever and definitely entertaining however his descriptions, character development, themes and plots are only good, not fantastic. I think that he was the one who won the popularity contest amid a field of equally capable writers. He was prolific and that helped his cause a lot.

What is a summary of the ninny by Anton Chekhov?

Yulia Vassilyevna is a foolish person, stupid, timid and weak. She is working as a tutor. On the other hand, Yulia's employer plays a trick on her by cheating her out of money she earned. He makes up silly reasons for not paying the right amount. The employer keeps on subtracting Yulia's salary beca (MORE)

What is the symbolism in the short story Vanka by Anton Chekhov?

Just like the boy, Vanka, mankind is living in the hope of a bettertomorrow without knowing that it is never going to come. This isthe point of view of hopeless men. But if you ask symbolism, thiscan be the only explanation. The second one is a littleamorphous.Vanka symbolises mankind. If you see th (MORE)

What do you think about character of the ninny by Anton Chekhov?

Perhaps the obsequious nanny was not a ninny after all. She was given eleven rubles in her hand and above that the eighty rubles in the envelope that the employer planned on giving her in the first place. So perhaps it is true that "it's easy to be strong." No wonder she is bowing and repeating "Mer (MORE)

What is the theme of misery by Anton Chekhov?

The theme of misery is the callousness of man, his unwillingness to share the grief of others. Man is very selfish and is not concerned towards the grief and sorrow of others. Thus the story depicts the apathy of man to man.

Summary of Heartache shortstory by Anton Chekhov?

Iona, a Russian cabby, grieves for his son, who died a week prior to the story's beginning. He tries to tell his passengers about his son's death because it makes him so sad, but they are rude and don't listen. He then goes to the pub where the other cabbys hang out, but they don't listen or fall as (MORE)

Why is the Setting important in Misery by Anton Chekhov?

Because the writer wants to intensify & emphasis the coldness, harshness,& hostility of the situation that Iona is in which ,to refer the lack of affection between the people. In fact he has used the Winter, as the time & the Russia, as the place of the story as a symbol of his characters' life & co (MORE)

How many plays or short stories did Anton Chekhov write?

Plays: 14, which includes the big four (The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, Cherry Orchard), his first full length play that was actually produced (Ivonov) but is not currently highly regarded, one full length play not printed until after his death (Platonov--though Chekhov never gave it a titl (MORE)

What is the climax of the lottery?

The climax is when Bill Hutchinson unfolds his piece of paper, revealing a blank piece and then realizing Tessie is the one to be stoned.

Theme of 'Three Sisters' by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov?

Some themes presented in the Three Sisters are as follows: Intelligentsia and its approach to life Conflict between culture and vulgarity Expectation of happiness Superfluous person Moral and spiritual paralysis Conflict between estates (the sisters and brother Andrei are members of the gentry wh (MORE)

The Lottery ticket Plot Summary?

The film follows Kevin Carson (Bow Wow), a young man living in the projects with his grandmother (Loretta Devine). Kevin dreams of one day designing his own sneaker line, but currently works at Foot Locker. His dreams are supported by two of his best friends: Benny (Brandon T. Jackson) and Stacy (Na (MORE)

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov the lottery ticket plot summary?

Ivan Dmitrich is married to Masha, and lives on a salary of twelvehundred per year and is seemingly content with his life. Togetherthey have a lottery ticket and are excited about the thought ofwinning it. They speak about buying an estate and travelling on theremainder. During speaking about it, th (MORE)

What is the plot summary in Misery by Anton Chekhov?

An author has written a series of books, the main character is called Misery. He is hurt in a car accident after skidding in the snow and is rescued by a local woman. She takes him back to her house and he soon realises that she reads Misery books. He had just finished the last Misery book and was o (MORE)

The analusis of''The Ninny''by Anton Chekhov''?

WikiAnswers is not a free service for writing critiques, essays, discussion papers, reports and summaries, or homework. This is considered cheating. We WILL help you learn how to write a good paragraph. Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are telling this to a friend, and write (MORE)

What are The themes in the bear by Anton chekhov?

THE BEAR is a comedy which is written by ANTON CHEKHOV . THE BEAR reflects the deep sense of humour introducing the characters. The entire play is centered upon Popov and Smirnov. MAJOR THEMES 1) It is showing a sense of detachment from reality . 2) Debt is forgotten. 3) Smirnov realizes that popov (MORE)

Summary of Anton Chekhov the boor?

I've just read this Russian one act. It's about a widow who is in deep mourning because of her late husband's death 7 months ago. She has locked herself in and refuses to leave. The play begins with her and her servant speaking, and he tries to persuade her to leave her house. She will not. While sp (MORE)

What is the plot summary in A Problem by Anton Chekhov?

When Sasha Uskov forges a IOU note, the Uskov family gets a dark secret that nobody is allowed to know about. The Colonel believes that Sasha should be punished and face the consequences for what he had done by going to jail and serving his time, which is where he would probably die. On the other (MORE)

Who are the characters of misery by Anton Chekhov?

There are very few characters in the story Misery by author AntonChekhov. The main character is Iona. Iona talks about her dead sonto three men, two tall, thin men and one hunchback. Iona then talksto a horse in the stable.

How old is Anton Chekhov?

Anton Chekhov was born on January 29, 1860 and died on July 15, 1904. Anton Chekhov would have been 44 years old at the time of death or 155 years old today.

What is the summary of the story 'A Nincompoop' by Anton Chekhov?

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The Ninny by Anton Chekhov?

The Ninny By Anton Chekhov Just a few days ago I invited Yulia Vasilyevna, the governess of my children, to come to my study. I wanted to settle my account with her. " Sit down, Yulia Vasilyevna," I said to her. " Let's get our accounts settled. I'm sure you need some money, but you keep standing (MORE)

What is the theme of the story the boor by Anton Chekhov?

at first, we should consider that this drama is a farce, so its main purpose is entertainment not instruction.in farce, actions are not that much serious. nevertheless, it can have a theme. the theme in this drama can be the lack of self awareness because the protagonists(popov and smirnov) think th (MORE)

Where and when was Anton Chekhov born?

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a Russian physician, author anddramaturge. He was born in Taganrog, Russian Empire on January 29,1860 and died in Badenweiler, German Empire on July 15, 1905.