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What is color intensity?

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What is intensive probation?

Intensive probation simply means more supervision resources are  devoted to specific probationers.

What is intensity heard as?


What is intensive means?

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What is noise intensity?

That ist the energy of noise. Sound intensity = sound power divided by area.

Principle involved in the formation of an intense blue color formed in the iodine test for starch?

The formation of the intense blue color formed in the iodine test  for starch is a result of the formation of polyiodide chains from  the reaction of starch and iodide. The

What is oil intensity?

It is Energy use per unit of GDP

What does intense mean?

Basically Intense Means like "Deep" You say something very deep or something very emotional that's hard to get over. I think theirs no other way of explaining. But their you g
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What are intensive verbs?

The intensive verbs are those words that take subject complement or object complement > E.g. she is a teacher . he sounds handsome today. they are cuts. ..... this is in ca