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What is color intensity?

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How do you spell intension?

The spelling "intension" is a word meaning the internal content of a concept. However, the more common term is intention (purpose, agenda, or planned course of action).
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What is an earthquake intensity?

Intensity describes the perceived surface ground shaking and damage caused by an earthquake. It is also derived based on ground accelerations as measured by seismometers.
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What are Complementary Colors?

Understanding complementary colors, and their relationship to one another, can be a key to effective color mixing in painting. (MORE)

Selecting Color for Your Quilt

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What Are the Types of Shock?

Shock occurs when the cells that make up the body are not receiving enough oxygen via the blood circulation to function properly. There are four categories of shock. They are (MORE)

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What does intense mean?

Basically Intense Means like "Deep" You say something very deep or something very emotional that's hard to get over. I think theirs no other way of explaining. But their you g (MORE)

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What are intensive pronouns?

Intensive pronouns are the  reflexive pronouns used to emphasize by placing the pronoun  immediately following the noun they refer to.    The reflexive and intensive (MORE)