What is color intensity?

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Which element produces the most intense color?

The element that produces the most intense color is sodium. It  burns with a very bright yellow flame and is even used in certain  types of lighting.
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What does intense mean?

Basically Intense Means like "Deep" You say something very deep or something very emotional that's hard to get over. I think theirs no other way of explaining. But their you g (MORE)

Why fructose give intense violet coloration with alpha naphthol in acidic media?

when it is kept in acid media,the acid hydrolyses the glycosidic bond and yields monosaccharide to give furfural and its derivatives ,these products when react with alpha naph (MORE)

Effect of intensity?

The photoelectric current is directly proportional to intensity.It also depends upon frequency, but frequency more than "THRESHOLD FREQUENCY" does not effect the current.The n (MORE)
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What is intensity in sound?

Sound intensity (I) is a sound energy quantity in oposite to sound pressure (p), which is a sound field quantity. I = p². Sound intensity or acoustic intensity I is defined (MORE)

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