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A computer folder is a virtual folder that holds files with itself. To make one on a windows computer, right-click your mouse, left-click new, and then go down to folder.
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What is your computer folder?

A Folder, is a storage area which would hold your Programs, and your work. . More complicated, there would be folders with other folders in them known as Sub-Folders which ca

Where is the PSP folder on the computer?

\n. \nIn a removable folder in my computer. If connecting to the computer VIA USB and PSP. Make sure USB mode is turned on {settings, scroll up or down to usb connect}.

How do you make a folder on a Dell computer?

The same as on every other computer: It depends on your operating system. (Linux, XP, Vista. etc.) In Windows Explorer, all you have to do is right click. The column should ha

Do you have a software to lock the folders in computer?

To lock folders and files in Windows XP, 7 or other systems, there are built-in features. You can lock your folders and files with your Windows login password by this method.

Why do you need folders on computer?

You don't need folders on a computer. Folders are designed to help you keep track of everything and not lose any important files. Some people, like me, have hundreds of docu

How do you lock folder in computer?

If you are using a mac, you can right click the folder, and then scroll to the "Get Info" selection. Click that and you will see the dropdown tap called "general." Look down a

How do you organise files and folders on a computer?

Files and folders can be organised any way you see fit, with the exception of operating system files. When installing programs (including the operating system), you will often
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What is to synchronize the folder on computer?

If you want to synchronize files to multiple computers with an external hard drive or flash drive, you can do that. It is called a briefcase. It automatically syncs and update
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How do you create sub folder on computer?

There are a number of ways. Probably the simplest is to open a folder window (My Computer or Windows Explorer) for the folder in which you want to create a sub-folder. Right c
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What is a folder in a computer?

Folder is a database of files means that if you have more files then you can arrange them to a separate folder which contain the type.
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What is folder in computer?

In Computers FOLDER is a container that contains Files, Sub Folders and Shortcut Links to other files & folders.
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How do you put a picture into a folder on my computer?

if its from your camera, then go to my computer, click the camera file, and left click the picture, then copy. if its from the web, left click the picture, and click save pict